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Subpoenas allowed in AutoAdmit suit

This should be interesting. (No, I don’t feel like writing about this anymore. Hopefully the reasons behind that sentiment are obvious enough. If you have no idea what I’m talking about or what AutoAdmit is, here are some posts, in … Continue reading

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Tune In: NPR’s All Things Considered covers AutoAdmit

The show starts at 4pm EST, and the segment on AutoAdmit will air at 5:20 EST today. I was interviewed for it, but I have no idea what the totality of the story will be, or what the reporter will … Continue reading

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AutoAdmit Sued

This is why it’s probably a bad idea to harass, threaten and defame female law students. Background on AutoAdmit for the newbies: My first post about my run-ins with AutoAdmit The Washington Post covers the story. AutoAdmit director Anthony Ciolli … Continue reading

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AutoAdmit’s Anthony Ciolli Loses Job Offer

Because of the message board. Wow. It’s a good post. Like I told the WSJ reporter, Ciolli losing his job offer doesn’t make me feel any better, and it doesn’t make me feel vindicated in any way. That said, I … Continue reading

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Because You Can’t Get Enough of AutoAdmit

Spirit of Margaret Brent sent along this article from the UVa Law Weekly which demonstrates that, yes, the harassment and libel of female law students by shitstains on AutoAdmit has had demonstrable effects on the subjects’ careers: Recently, several female … Continue reading

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AutoAdmit Update

Looks like one of AutoAdmit’s heads, Anthony Ciolli, has stepped down from his position as Chief Education Director of the site (yeah, I laughed at that title too). He’s still affiliated with AutoAdmit and will continue to manage the other … Continue reading

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Fat and Health, A Response

A guest post by former Feministe blogger Zuzu, who says, “I swear on a stack of pancakes that I didn’t read Atheling’s piece before I wrote this.” Cross-posted at her new blog, Kindly Póg Mo Thóin. First Things First: What’s … Continue reading

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Daily Misogyny

We occasionally get emails from readers who encounter pretty egregious misogyny in their real lives. First, one reader spotted this at her dentist’s office:

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Why calling out misogyny matters

I’ve gotten a lot of criticism lately whenever I do a post about the primary, and, specifically, about misogynistic language or sexist framing used to tear down Hillary Clinton. Invariably, someone accuses (and it’s always an accusation) me of being … Continue reading

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Your First Amendment Right to Anonymous Free Speech

For any of you who are still following the AutoAdmit case (background posts all linked here), one of the anonymous commenters, who uses the handle AK47, has filed a motion to quash discovery of his IP address and other information … Continue reading

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Take it like a man

By which I mean shut your pretty little pie-hole. Or so say Ann Althouse and Glenn Reynolds. They’re responding to the AutoAdmit lawsuit, and, unsurprisingly, they think that it’s just a case of boys being boys and overly-sensitive little girls … Continue reading

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No, I did not get Anthony Ciolli fired.

On AutoAdmit, Anthony writes: My impression from the phone conversation was that this was the chronology: 1) Jill Filipovic from Feministe tells WSJ that I worked at EAP&D 2) WSJ reporter calls EAP&D, and the firm says I had my … Continue reading

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