Emma Goldman Collective

Tonight is my first meeting with the Emma Goldman Collective, a local group that seeks to extend community works and consciousness-raising in the name of progressivism (and obviously, anarchism). After a long conversation with Anne this afternoon on the topics of exceeding feminism, embracing various forms of progressive living, and the need for an active local movement, I’m itching for some way to actually enact my goals and ideals in the community.

Updates if anything good happens.

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3 Responses to Emma Goldman Collective

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  2. dr. b. says:

    Does this mean nothing good happened?

  3. jam says:

    yes yes – do tell. i’m crossing my fingers that they lived up their name (a personal hero of mine)

    it’s funny how things change. once upon a time, Progressivism was initiated to actually combat & stem the rising numbers & influence of radical social activists such as anarchists. now, we find ourselves often arm & arm with them.

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