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Journals, K-Logs, Filters, and Hubs

Krista writes: In Bridging the Gap: A Genre Analysis of Weblogs, Susan Herring and her group seem to have developed a working schema that classifies blogs as k-logs (knowledge-logs), journals, and filters. Most people seem to work along these lines, … Continue reading

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Cat Blogging

I didn’t cheat on this quiz, really. It has everything to do with me being a talker and never able to shut up or notice myself interrupting a speaker. I also have the habit of completely switching topics and derailing … Continue reading

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To Read: “Will in the World”

Is it summer yet? The Shakespeare class is going well enough — or would be if the prof hadn’t agreed to the 7:30am class time, or didn’t turn out the lights and play quiet, wordy movies of Shakespearean plays, or … Continue reading

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Fin: Skully Bag

I finally finished the Skully bag tonight after fighting with it for at least two months, a project undertaken to use up the masses of super-thick wool I had from a previous failed project. This is a picture of the … Continue reading

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