Bedroom Art

After the Great Cleaning of 2005, I realized that my bedroom was unforgivably bare. The only things in there were my bed, a dresser, a hamper, a lamp, and an alarm clock. While I’m all for living simply, I felt like I was sleeping in a jail cell.

The vintage clothing store I wrote about earlier this year, is going out of business, partially because of a lack of customers and partially for a lack of time. I went in this week to find their going-out-of-business sale. I wanted to chat with the owner for a bit, but my shopping buddy was limping around on a bad knee. Long, rambling story short, I bought three framed pictures of children on park benches doing kid things.

Does this picture not rock? A little girl knitting in the great outdoors, a ball of yarn spilling out of her bag? Awesome!

If you don’t like it, keep your mouth shut.

Something about the other two are a bit disturbing. They look like big-eyed, big-headed emo kids who are, shall we say, “on the nod.” Peaceful and at the same time disturbing. I’ll try to get non-glaring pictures if anyone is interested.

At least my room feels less like a jail cell.

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7 Responses to Bedroom Art

  1. Lauren says:

    Don’t be lonely, Rox. You have your blogs.

  2. A None says:

    Ummm…They’re coming to take you away, ha ha…THEY’RE COMING TO TAKE YOU AWAY HA HA!!! Just godawful, really. Disqualifies you from bringing anyone back to the room, well until you remove it actually. It’ll creep out anyone else who saw it.

  3. Storiedime says:

    It’s great ! I’ve one similar in my parent’s home !

  4. Lauren says:

    None, anyone lucky enough to make it back into my bedroom will already know that 1) I’m into kitsch and 2) if they run away over something remotely close to a picture, I’m not following them.

    If you hate this one, you should see the other two. The heroin jokes are unavoidable.

  5. Cinnamon says:

    I love it! We actually found a painting of four kids circa 1965. We call it the “Evil Brady Family Portrait” It’s freaky and that’s why we like it.

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