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A Poem For a Patriotic Friday

Praise be to God who pities wankers and has mercy on miserable bastards. Praise be to God who pours his blessing on reactionary warheads and racists. Krista has the rest.

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Another Survey

If you don’t take the “specious marketing survey“, you don’t exist. Take it so we aren’t up to our ears in another debunking campaign in three months. Via Antigone at XX.

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Home Sick

Ethan is at home sick with a nasty fever. If you know of any good, not-too-corporate kid sites, send them our way via comment.

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Much feminist writing has been done on the subject of hair, but I feel like talking about myself today, so we won’t be discussing that. As a little girl I had fairly long hair. My mother convinced me to cut … Continue reading

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Feminist Blog Plugging

“Emma Goldman” is a name that gets me excited for several reasons, but lately it is because her blogging namesake has put together a fantastic blog called War on Error. The new Emma has been frequenting the feminist cul de … Continue reading

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Politics With a Big Ol’ “P”

These nightly reads are about the kinds of politics the penisphere generally loathes discussing. Via the hellcat, I found this post. Being Black and Female = Being Passed Over: Black women have been speaking about racism in the work place, … Continue reading

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Left, Right, Whatever

Still no computer monitor. Typing on this laptop is hurting my wrists. Nonetheless, I was startled to read this article on a study that shows many Americans don’t know their left from their right: The Harris polling agency last week … Continue reading

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Drive-By Mothering and Parent As Outsider

Chez Miscarriage has a wonderful series of posts on “drive-by mothering,” when other parents uninvitedly correct your parenting. Excellent related threads are here and here and especially here. Reading through the 300+ hilarious and mind-bending comments readers have given in … Continue reading

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Linking Etiquette and Discovery Credit

If you get a story from another blogger, do you cite that blogger? On “Link Propagation and ‘Discovery Credit’“: I agree with Blaze that this is an instance of a general problem, and this connects to recent discussions of fairness … Continue reading

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