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  1. alley rat
    alley rat April 7, 2005 at 5:20 pm |

    I love that defense.

    I once had a boss who was an asshole to everyone, but he was an extra special asshole to women. even assholes can be guilty of gender discrimination!

    (oh wait…yeah…maybe admitting that someone is a horrible person isn’t the best line of defense after all).

  2. John Dortmunder
    John Dortmunder April 13, 2005 at 10:31 am |

    I worked directly with Laura Zubulake (zoo-ba-lake) and her boss Matt Chapin. Here’s the real story:

    1. LZ was difficult to manage and not a team player. The securities industry was entering a serious downsizing mode (which happens about twice per decade) and the difficult to manage people are always the first to go. I think LZ saw this coming and it precipitated her filing with the EEOC…which in turn speeded up UBS’s effort eliminate her job. It is my understanding that she has a history of sueing employers.

    2. MC, her direct manager, has never discrimnated against women. He certainly made a lot of sexually/physically oriented comments about women in general, and some specifically, but he certainly didn’t single out any one particular person – especially not LZ. Women actually probably had a better chance to succeed under MC than men, and I saw him regularly promote women and/or assist them in working in a new market, etc…

    3. UBS is truly an oppressive place to work, and the HR and legal functions would remind you of East Germany before the wall fell…it’s a terrible situation. This applies equally to men and women, trust me. Also, I fully believe that they would lie in court about anything and everything, and I think this case bears this out.


    A. LZ did not deserve the awards she won, but I’m very happy she got them.

    B. MC made some stupid comments, but he’s really a very nice guy that was made into the fall guy on behalf of UBS. I know he didn’t discriminate against LZ.

    C. The UBS HR/legal people are really the ones that should have been the focal point of the UBS wrongdoings…and there were plenty of wrongdoings on their part.

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