Day: April 26, 2005

End Of Semester Stupidity

For some reason, this semester seems like it has been the least motivated, frustrating semester in a long while, not only for myself but all of my friends and classmates. Just yesterday, I received an email from my friend titled,…


This is so stupidly depressing. I’m keeping the ones that are so true they should be outlawed. For my fellow feminist Hoosiers, and I know there are a few of us, a moment of despair.

Giving Trolls The Attention They’re Looking For

Someone’s looking for a flame war. Should he get one? Author : goodsamaritan (IP: , E-mail : Whois : Comment: Feminists: 1. Worship Contraception. 2. Believe in Abortion. 3. Celebrate Euthanasia. 4. Support Gays, Lesbians and…