Thursday Reads

I pass around the link love as my professors pass out the exam love.

Nerve: Sex As A Weapon, Decoding the Language of the Christian Men’s Movement
“…Push your anger down and store it inside your heart, where Jesus will work it over it until it is ready to be ‘released,’ transformed into ‘white-hot brother love.'” The homoeroticization of Jesus has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve contemplated since November of 2004.

Big Brass Blog: Eugenics in North Carolina
And it isn’t performed against wealthy, white women: “more than 60 percent were black. ”

The Disenchanted Forest: Blame It On B
An explanation for the opposition to Plan B contraception.

Bitch Ph. D.: Discrimination Against Women in Academia
Professor B is looking for examples of women who have been discriminated against in academia for a book she plans on writing. I contributed my experiences. Share yours as well.

Pandagon: The Men’s Right’s Movement, Women Up Front
In part three of her explanation of the MRM, Amanda discusses how women, some of whom identify as feminists, join an anti-feminist movement to erode their own rights as wives and mothers.

Green Gabbro: Penis Talk
A discussion on the differences in how men’s bodies are (not) regarded on a socio-political level in contrast to women’s.

Tennessee Guerilla Women: Greener Feminist Pastures: ‘Miss Sweden’ Cancelled After “Feminist Harassment”
Where the show’s producers pretend that the way one looks in a swimsuit is indicative of their moral character. About as indicative as the way one looks in a burqa.

XX is going through some changes, adding new authors and upgrading their site. They promise no more spam. I haven’t had much since I updated my WordPress release. The comment turn-off after 21 days is a life saver.

And Alternet has more on the War on Birth Control.

BlogAlice: Darfur
This just hurts. Alice provides the drawing of children in Darfur, pictures of rape and murder in crayon.

WaPo: Researchers Tested Drugs on Foster Kids
Culture of life, my ass. The big story is to break tomorrow. via Roxanne.

The All Spin Zone: Bush’s “Final Solution” for HIV+ Jezebels
In which Brazil comes out on top as the smartest country in the Western hemisphere.

Fables of the Reconstruction: Why Do They Refuse to Stop Their Extremists?
Read this, mom. If you vote Republican next year, I’m leaving the family.

The Heretik: The Burning Desire of Laura Bush
I’m not captioning this one — you should read it for yourself.

Language Log: News Flash: The Effect of Politics, Athletics and Sex on IQ
The findings are compelling. *cough*

Sappho’s Breathing: Vandana Shiva
What appears to be notes from a speech. Shiva is one of my current inspirations. Why? “The current practice in the U.S. is: when something is complex, simplify it to crudeness and then lie about it.”

Majikthise: Relativism Case Study, Kyrgyz bride kidnapping
A guided tour of “objectivist/absolutist answers to the moral skeptic.”

To Be Determined: On the Grammaticality of Expletive Insertion in English
Chuck explains why “Shut up, guys, I’m trying to talk to my fucking mother” and “The soldier ate an occasional pizza” are in effect the same sentence. And not in the way you may think.

Whirled View: “Born into Brothels” Stars the Good Fairy, Really, Not the Kids
A positive, maybe negative, movie review of a documentary on the lives of children in Calcutta. I too dislike movies that reel us in with the emotive rather than factual.

LATimes: Chat Room for the Chattering Class
A spoof on Huffington’s new upcoming celebrity blog. via Tild.

Ilyka Damen: The Deal With London Calling
Ilyka explains why London Calling is one of the best albums of all time. Ethan would agree.

Pax Nortana: The Big Store
Joel hates big retail stores. I do too — they give me headaches, make my eyes water, and in general, put me in a horrible mood. Trips to massive stores must be as quick as possible, a mad dash in and out without stopping to gaze or chat or browse. I save that for the stores that are worth it.

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