Link Dump for Thursday

Green Gabbro: Defining Feminism, Once More With Feeling
AlphaBitch: Music Geekdom, Not Just For Boys
Bitch Ph. D.: Teen Pregnancy
Kim Wells: Man-Hater (Don’t Be A)
Noli Irritare Leones: De-Flowering

Talk Left: Newsweek — Investigation Is Needed, Not Retraction
Jesus’ General: The Sad, Sorry Plight of the White Conservative Male

Noli Irritare Leones: Christian Sex
American Street: North Carolina church for Democrats opens in time for Sunday services
Land of the Free: Diluting Evolution
Big Brass Blog: Phelps Hate Machine (pictures of Phelps’ groups in action)

Buffalo’s Path: Another Ghost To Haunt My Soul
Alley Notebooks: Live Blogging Weird Experience

The Other Dark Meat: Oral Fixation
Preposterous Universe: Cutest Thing Perhaps Ever
The Examining Room of Dr. Charles: Crazy People Seen Everywhere

And a new great feminist blog running a series on Asian American Heritage Month, Reappropriate.

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  1. May 19, 2005 at 5:21 pm

    Thank you for selecting one of my offerings. I feel very honored. And that is one hell of a good feeling.

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