Link Round-Up

Here are some good ones for ya’ll:

Campaigning against female sexuality — the star wars way.

Bitch, PhD on white privilege and the guilt that comes with it.

GoldStar Moms? More like MinuteMoms.

Justifying rape. Holy shit. Proceed with the warning that you will probably feel violently ill after reading this post (not violently ill at Amanda; ill at the article she’s responding to).

Hate how stem cell research kills blastocyst-Americans? Sign the pledge to never, ever benefit from it.

Ellen Goodman on the politics of Supernanny.

Shakespeare’s Sister on cross-burning in Durham. Fantastic that I’ll be moving there in three months.

Parents barred from raising their children as Wiccans. So much for that silly First Amendment and the Free Exercise clause. (Disclaimer: I don’t agree with the writer’s views on Wicca. But he nonetheless makes a good point).

Finally, my biggest unhealthy obsession: Overheard in New York.

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  1. May 29, 2005 at 10:40 pm

    You are coming to Durham? You have to put your blog up on the aggregator and come to our Blogger MeetUps!

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