Day: June 9, 2005

Feminist Ad Network?

[UPDATE: The response so far seems positive so far, at which point I have two more questions. 1) Is anyone directly opposed to the idea of running advertising on feminist sites even if the advertising runs parallel to a general…

The Kids Are Fine

At XX, Ophelia Payne writes on something the experts have been saying forever: The children of gay and lesbian parents are as healthy and well-adjusted as the children of heterosexual parents. What is the only thing that presents a challenge…

Massive Link Round-up

Feminism Green Gabbro is “shocked! that people who call themselves liberals could be so eager to distance themselves from feminist arguments. I mean, no, wait, what the hell did you expect? That people would magically acknowledge the legitimacy of an…

ATTN: Hoosier Liberals

See HABIT, a blog meant for “Indiana based bloggers to talk about George W. Bush in general and The Downing Street Memo in particular. Are you a Hoosier who wants to join us?”

Housewife Theory of History?

I’m not much for the title, but this article brings up something important for all of us to remember, especially when feeling discouraged: