Music and Kitties: Your Friday Goodness

It appears that having cats may permanently change your personality and improve your social life. I could have told you that.

None of this information takes into account that if you try long and hard enough you will eventually get a picture of your cat angrily guarding your sock drawer.


Or killing a LEGO tire.

See more feline deliciousness, including Doug wrecking more of Ethan’s LEGO buildings, at my Flickr account.

And now time for the Friday Random Ten/Fifteen: Load up your mp3s, set to random, list the first ten/fifteen that play. If you’re extra cool, you will rate them on the Scale of Coolness (1 being wack and 10 being bitchin’). Highest average score gets a bad white kitty with orange spots shipped at your own expense.

1) Sizzla – Can’t Cool, Can’t Quench
Good song, but would be way cooler if Sizzla weren’t so proudly and openly homophobic. 6/10

2) Billy Joel – Uptown Girl
Ouch. I’m supposed to be cooler than this. 3/10

3) The White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
Jack dated Renee Zellweger and that’s not cool. Wait, am I rating the music or the musicians? 5/10

4) Bootsy Collins – I’d Rather Be With You
You know you like this song, maybe even better than the Eazy-E remake. Bootsy is funky and the Scandanavians love him. It’s way cooler than the Germans and David Hasselhoff. 8/10

5) Johnny Darrell – Why You Been Gone So Long?
Country porch rock, perfect for summertime cruising. 6/10

6) Bjork – Venus As a Boy
Good song, but I heard it way too much at a local diner, now closed, called Utopia. My entire teenage social life revolved around this shit diner and I don’t need any more reminders unless we’re talking bottomless coffee cups and potato wedges with sour cream. 5/10

7) Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
Never let it be said that Lauren does not love her family roots (erm, Arkansas, not Alabama). 9/10

8) The Libertines – Road To Ruin
Ultimately singable song that is easily made fun of, a la “Wayne’s World” the movie. Slightly reminiscent of The Doors. This is cool. 7/10

9) Wanda Jackson – The Box It Came In
Not my favorite Wanda Jackson song, but I’ll take whatever I can get from this country goddess. Loss of points for being typical loss-of-love country ditty. 6/10

10) L7 – Baggage
I’ll admit it, I still love L7. VH1 had a Top 100 Metal Bands show or some such bullshit in which L7 was one of, oh, three bands featuring women who didn’t roll all over Ferraris or pour water over their deliciously tight tees. What was the theme of the L7 montage? The girls were so ugly no one wanted to fuck them. I nearly threw my bowl of Kashi through the TV, milk, spoon and all. Donita, Dee, Jennifer and Suzi, this rating is for you. 10/10

Plus five for extra measure:

11) Rufus Wainwright – A Bit Of You
Swanky love song by my favorite crooner. I love that Rufus’ catalog is by men, for men, about men. And the CD cover for this album is hot. Good song. 8/10

12) Elvis Costello – Deep Dark Truthful Mirror (live, MTV Unplugged)
Considering that this is one of my all time favorite songs and the live version is quite possibly better than the studio version, I give this song a hearty 10/10.

13) Classic 70s Porn Music – Sex World
I’m not sure where this came from because I didn’t download it. It’s totally porn music though. 4/10

14) Dick Justice – Henry Lee
You know, I like the Nick Cave version so much better than the original. This is the kind of thing that belongs on a movie soundtrack, not on my playlist. 6/10

15) Cypress Hill – Hits From The Bong
I must have been having a nostagia day when I downloaded this. 5/10

This list proves I am at least 65.33% cool by the Simple Random Sample taken by Winamp. I beg to differ.

22 comments for “Music and Kitties: Your Friday Goodness

  1. June 16, 2005 at 11:14 pm

    Pets are great. Cats are cool (especially for rodent control) but I find dogs to be more fun and active. I find birds and reptiles to be much more interesting though.

  2. June 16, 2005 at 11:49 pm

    I purposefully went back and downgraded a few of my ratings to avoid winning the Doug E. Fresh Sweepstakes.

    I’m also contemplating introducing negative ratings, or songs that are so uncool that they form a spiralling vortex of shame that diminishes the luster of neighboring cool songs. You can try it yourself with Billy Joel, who was teetering on the brink of becoming a musical singularity before his inexplicable appearance on Inside The Actors’ Studio pushed him over the edge.

  3. janet
    June 16, 2005 at 11:53 pm

    When he gets tired of the lego tire, try giving him a q-tip. For some reason, that’s the favorite prey of one of our cats. I’ll never forget the time she discovered a nest of q-tips in the bathroom cupboard and dragged the whole thing out into the sink, an event that we now refer to as “the great q-tip massacre.”

  4. June 17, 2005 at 8:35 am

    Friday Random Ten – Moving Out Edition

    I Second That Emotion – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – Return to Me film soundtrack

    Just One of Those Things – Diana Krull – De-Lovely film soundtrack

    Put On a Happy Face – Blossom Dearie – Kissing Jessica Stein film soundtrack

    Regular Guy – Bif Naked – Purge…

  5. STP
    June 17, 2005 at 8:45 am

    Not sure of the effects on my social life that my furball, Boo, provides, but the personality is a no doubter. I watch less TV now because the cats are so much more fun to stare at when they are doing something goofy.

  6. June 17, 2005 at 9:24 am

    Sydney’s “we’re hoping not to suck as badly as last week” Random 15:

    1. Talib Kweli- Shock Body.
    Not a bad song off of “Quality” which is a damm good album. Talib is one of hip-hop’s better artists. 6/10

    2. Janet Jackson- That’s The Way Love Goes
    It’s a classic and off “velvet rope” which is my favorite Janet Jackson album. 8/10

    3. Finley Quaye & William Orbit- Dice
    I’m embarrassed to say that I discovered this song after hearing it in the episode of the O.C. But seriously, it really is a great song. 8/10

    4. Donnell Jones- You Know That I Love You
    Hmm… bland R&B song… 4/10

    5. Weezer- Hash Pipe
    Was great the first 4 times I heard it. 876 times later, I’m not sure I want it to exist. 4/10

    6. Lit- My Own Worst Enemy
    Love the opening guitar riff. Song reminds me of summer for some reason. 5/10

    7. Wyclef Jean ft/ Missy Elliot- Party to Damascus
    Ridiculously hot beat. The rhyming is merely okay. But again, the beat is so good that it gets bumped to a 6/10

    8. Fiona Apple- The First Taste
    Tidal is my favorite album of all time. While there are better tracks on this album, none of them have the sensuality of this song. 9/10

    9. Notorious BIG- Sky’s the Limit
    Great song. Good example of a hip hop classic that relates a positive message. 8/10

    10. Liz Phair- H.W.C
    While it’s off an absolutely mediocre album (I truly was unhappy with her for Liz Phair) this is a fun playful song about a certain white substance….. 6/10

    A few extras…

    11. Jason Mraz- I’ll Do Anything
    I lost points with this song- 3/10

    12. Sarah McLachlan- Stupid
    Love the message of the song. Lord knows I’ve been an ass about relationships more times than I can remember. 6/10

    13. The Roots- Adrenaline
    “Things Fall Apart” easily the best album by The Roots. This track is a pretty hot one. 7/10

    14. Save Ferris- Come on Eileen
    Best version of this song I’ve ever heard. 8/10

    15. The Clash- London Calling
    Oh, I think I’ve regained some points that I lost with the Jason Mraz song. The first song I ever heard from any British group. 7/10

    Now assuming i did my math correctly i’m at a 63%. So all in all, I did a little better than last week, but I’m leaving some room for improvement.

  7. June 17, 2005 at 9:44 am

    I love the cat pix, especially the sock drawer photo…nice shot.

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  9. June 17, 2005 at 10:45 am

    This is the 2nd edition of my cheater Friday Random Ten™, in which I use a secondary Yahoo! account for Launchcast and play only rock and hip-hop, leaving out the usual jazz. I will be alternating weeks in which I play from this list and my regular list, just because it’s fun, and because I like to have different lists for this Friday Random Ten™ and Amanda’s. No coolness rankings, because I already know I’m cooler than everyone here. :)

    Artist — “Song”

    Cradle of Filth — “Gabrielle”
    Emperor — “Ye Entrancemperium”
    Queensrÿche — “The Mission”
    Sinai Beach — “The God I Would Be”
    LL Cool J — “This Is Us”
    Jimi Hendrix Experience — “Hey Joe” (More than a little mysoginist…sorry)
    Savatage — “24 Hrs. Ago”
    The Allman Brothers Band — “Blue Sky”
    Blues Traveler — “The Mountains Win Again”
    The Killers — “Smile Like You Mean It”

    And my bonus 5:

    Celtic Frost — “Innocence and Wrath”
    Jumpsteady — “Dungeon Master”
    Dave Matthews Band — “Recently”
    Nine Inch Nails — “Only”
    DragonLord — “Wolfhunt”

    Quite a lot of black metal…just like I like it.

  10. June 17, 2005 at 11:30 am

    See my list here:

    My list comes out as 69% cool, 76% with a bonus five. Which is just wrong; iTunes must have been rigged. No way am I cooler than Lauren or Norb.

  11. June 17, 2005 at 11:35 am

    Lauren, you may be proud of your heritage, but that “Sweet Home Alabama” is still not the least bit cool. Especially if you misspell “Lynyrd Skynyrd.”

  12. Linnaeus
    June 17, 2005 at 11:35 am

    Here’s my “it usually sucks, but I don’t care” Friday Random Ten:

    1. Eminem – The Real Slim Shady

    For all his flaws as an artist, I can’t deny that Eminem is a master of hip-hop form. Plus, he reminds me of my Motor City roots. 7/10

    2. Stevie Wonder – My Cherie Amour

    I was importing songs, clicked on the wrong one, and never deleted it. No, really. 2/10

    3. Talk Talk – It’s My Life

    Having to explain to younger fans that this was not originally a No Doubt song makes me feel both knowledgeable and old. No Doubt’s cover is good, but they took out a little too much of the keyboard that gave Talk Talk’s version its edge. 6/10

    4. Sublime – What I Got

    I joined the Sublime craze, and then promptly forgot about them after Brad Nowell died. 5/10

    5. Peter Schilling – Major Tom

    Notice a trend here? Yes, nostalgia is big on Linnaeus’ playlists. 5/10

    6. Electric Light Orchestra – Livin’ Thing

    My way of showing how “cool” I was when I was younger was to get into those art/prog-rock bands. Clearly, I was misguided in terms of my coolness, but ELO is just fun. To me, at least. 7/10

    7. The Buggles – Video Killed The Radio Star

    Yes, I saw this when MTV first when on the air. ‘Nuff said. 9/10

    8. Dusty Springfield – Son Of A Preacher Man

    No, I’m not the son of a preacher man, but this song came in handy that one time, uh, *ahem*…next song! 10/10

    9. Adam Ant – Desperate But Not Serious

    Fun song, but something’s wrong when your band ends up playing behind a 15-year old that Malcolm McLaren found in a laundrette. 4/10

    10. The Strokes – Last Nite

    Yes, I downloaded this when I was on the rocks with my then-girlfriend. It seemed so weighty then. 5/10

    Bonus Friday Guilty Pleasure Track:

    Color Me Badd – I Wanna Sex You Up

    Ah, freshman year…tick tock, ya don’t stop… 6/10

  13. June 17, 2005 at 11:42 am

    Goddammit, Sean, I do that every time.

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  15. June 17, 2005 at 12:55 pm

    My quick, mostly comment free list of ten:

    1. Bruder, gib dir einen stob -Lotte Lenya sings Kurt Weill
    2. The Stone Of Impermanence – Fennesz
    3. I Feel Like The Mother Of The World – Smog
    4. Viavy raozy – Henry Kaiser And David Lindley
    5. Here They Come Now – Antipop Consortium
    6. Johnny Thunder – The Kinks
    7. All Falls Down – Kanye West
    8. Thug News – Chris Rock
    9. Special Angel -Air Miami
    10. Otis’ Groove – Julius Hemphill Sextet

    All in all, a fairly representative list for me: Some caberetish classical music, noise drone, Insound endoresed songwriter stuff, world guitar experimentalism, weird hip-hop, the worst song on a Kinks album, mainstream hip-hop, a comedy album, 90s indie rock that no one cared about 10 years ago and care about even less now, big band free jazz!

  16. June 17, 2005 at 1:20 pm

    You just never know when Lego will go rogue and need attacking.

    I hear those socks and panties can get pretty rowdy, too!

    Good thing you’ve got just the right bouncers there to keep things in check.

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  18. June 17, 2005 at 9:43 pm

    rufus is incredible. i saw him open for tori amos four nights one week back in 2000 and fell in love. he’s incredibly funny (even pre-rehab). it was on the poses tour, and he always had a good story about bea arthur telling him, “I’m not your fucking grandmother.”

  19. Tex
    June 18, 2005 at 12:14 am

    Lauren, I realize it’s barely Friday right now, but I wanted to defend that Wanda Jackson song. Sure, it’s a loss of love song, but since it’s a revenge plotting loss of love song and not a stew in misery loss of love song, I think you underrate it. Afterall, the box he comes home in will be all satin lined.

  20. June 18, 2005 at 12:58 am

    Here’s my Top Ten, no ranking.

    Gina G – Ooh Ahh, Just A Little Bit (pouring a tall Barcardi & diet)

    Billy Vera & The Beaters – Someone Will School You, Someone Will Cool You –

    Two days in L.A. and then I meet you, You got a girlfriend who says she’d like to cum too, after some foreplay you ask if I would beat you, what in the hell are you women into? … I had a hard time, sleeping on your pillow, looked underneath it, and found your dildo, and in your phone book of famous names names and numbers, you’ve got them rated, baby, from studs to fumblers. … I should have known it, you were too willing, I’d soon be taking, penicillin, I’m from New York, supposed to be a player, but I ain’t never seen this shit, no never!

    Billy Idol – L.A. Woman ( and am proud of it!)

    Venga Boys – We Like to Party (hell, fucking yeah!)

    Counting Crows Feat. Vanessa Carlton – Big Yellow Taxi (music to get a refill by)

    Fefe Dobson – Take Me Away

    Aqua – Barbie Girl (still on my rotation, especially since they beat the Mattel lawsuit)

    La Bouche – Tonight is the Night (Ok, so the techno is winning out! I promise not to play Macarena!)

    Buster Poindexter – Hot Hot Hot

    Bryan Adams – Summer of ’69 … sigh …

    Bonus five:

    Divinyls – I Touch Myself (hey, it’s late!)

    Beatles – Ask Me Why

    Bruce Willis (Bruno) – Under the Boardwalk
    I don’t care what the press is about this man, since his Moonlighting days, I’ve been a fan.

    Depeche mode – Just Can’t Get Enough

    and to close out …

    Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – Zoot Suit Riot!

  21. June 19, 2005 at 9:42 am

    Well, I suppose you can send him here if he’s already fixed. My other male cat’s not gonna like it, but after a couple of beatings, I’m sure Doug will fit right in with my destructo machines.

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