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Guess My Trip

After much deep thought, the boyfriend and I decided that a trip to Arkansas alone was too little for our short vacation next weekend. We decided to stay one day in my parents’ old stomping grounds so I can visit … Continue reading

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Sex songs

Lauren recently blogged on sad songs, and the comments section adds a lot more to the list (for the record, I think Nina Simone’s “Ooh Child” is about the most heartbreaking song I’ve ever heard). So now, a new question: … Continue reading

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Decision 2005

Who is the hottest not-Obama senator? (Obama is disqualified for his overwhelming hotness, which would surely scorch all the competition). It’s down to just four. Cast your vote now. They clearly made a few oversights (Hello, Thad Cochran). But I … Continue reading

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Putting parents back in charge of their adolescent daughters

From the “Cheers and Jeers” section of Women’s eNews: The Republican-led New York State Senate passed a bill Wednesday to allow local pharmacists to dispense emergency contraception to women without prescription, according to combined news reports. Fabulous. Now both my … Continue reading

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Italian update

Still going strong in Sardinia. This weekend, we went sailing, and it was absolutely beautiful. Pictures:

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Get to know your (other) blogger

I’ve been away from the internet for the past couple days, and came back to find that Lauren started what I think is a fantastic game — “get to know your blogger.” And, since there is nothing I like better … Continue reading

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Get To Know Your Blogger, Part II

Meet my other half.

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When Bloglines goes down I have no idea what to do with my computer other than play Freecell. What did I do before Bloglines?

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Sad Songs

Jeanne and Lynn have recently written about songs that make them cry. Lynn and I are completely in agreement on this one: “Alone Again, Naturally,” a song that isn’t very compelling, cheesy if anything, but has a line that kills. … Continue reading

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Live From the College Republican Convention

What a brave Democratic mole: Inside the training, sparcely placed beer bottles (not cans this time, these guys are high class) punctuated the tables in Salon A. One young conservative felt the need to be wearing his aviators while he … Continue reading

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When I was a young teen my best friend had a scooter. We rode it all over town before we were old enough to get a real driver’s license, and Miss Fartblossom always me wear the stupid-looking helmet so it … Continue reading

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Interview on Feminism with Bob Hayes

Over this next week or so I will be in the midst of an email-based conversation with Bob Hayes quite like the one that Ampersand did last month on progressivism. Bob seems like a nice guy and has set the … Continue reading

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