Day: September 14, 2005

I’m Not Your Sister

I wouldn’t say I’m better than you, Andrea, but since you did… While we’re on the subject, one of her commenters says: I’ve been following the argument with amusement. Any fool can see that you weren’t targeting her son. She…

Jackson and Charlie

I can’t tell you how pleased I am that my oldest friend’s wife gave birth to their first on the same day as Britney, y’all! I’m definitely bringing that up when I go meet wee Jackson this weekend.

Shannon Elizabeth calls me a bimbo

Well, not Shannon Elizabeth, just Jeff Goldstein. To which I will now oh-so-maturely respond, “Fuck off.” But please, feel free to give Mr. Goldstein a piece of your mind. I don’t have the time, as I’m too busy trying to…

One Nation Under God, Revisited

A month ago I wrote on Ethan’s experience reciting the pledge in his kindergarten classroom. Last week when Ethan started kindergarten, I was concerned about a great number of things, one of which was him knowing that no matter what…

Why Buy the Cow?

Well, first of all, if I were to buy a cow, I’d want to make sure I got one whose milk I enjoyed. It would be pretty unfortunate to purchase a cow with no prior knowledge of said cow’s milk,…

Michelle Malkin’s War Memorial

…because 9/11 was a war. Could have fooled me. I am not an architect, but here is my 9/11 architectural philosophy: War memorials should memorialize war. If you want peace and understanding and healing and good will toward all, go…

Blacks Pay More for Mortgages

At every income level, blacks take out more expensive mortgages. So blacks end up paying more for their homes than whites in similar economic circumstances. Hmmm, I wonder why that could be?


I’m looking for a Gmail account. If anyone has an extra they’d like to share, please let me know.