Even More on the SG Front

From the Suicide Girls FAQ:

1.06 The staff wasn’t fair to me, who can I make an appeal to?
No one. Whining about things not being fair is for grade school kids and college professors. Those of us who live in the real world think you should shut up and move on.

Things are becoming more and more clear.

via another excellent analysis at Shrub

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10 Responses to Even More on the SG Front

  1. Auguste says:

    Prior to the recent shakeup, that would have seemed like any other bit of internet snark.

  2. Lauren says:

    True, but in hindsight it is awfully damning. It makes me wonder a bit about what one might pull from my archives if I ever got into some sort of legal or ethical trouble. Scary.

  3. Yeah, I’ve occasionally wondered what someone might dig up, from my 20+ years on the internet, if they wanted to get me in trouble. Or from my life in general. I entertain myself by telling myself the story where I decide to run for office, and someone relates the time I agreed to write someone’s college paper in exchange for cocaine. (It’s true; I did agree to that. But I was joking, and actually sat down with him and helped him figure out how to write it himself, for no cocaine at all.)

  4. Leanne says:

    That is crazy – I almost went to a suicide girls burlesque show last night not knowing what I was getting in to. Instead I went out to dinner with my family.

  5. Auguste says:

    The worst is Usenet…complete archives since 1980 and a huge proportion of which is under peoples’ real names. Part of the reason I’m now under a pseudonym is Usenet.

  6. Mandos says:

    There was a Canadian parliamentary Candidate in the last federal election whose (IIRC) candidacy had to be dropped in the last minute because of unfortunate USENET postings someone had dug up. He had written them when he was young and foolish like 15 years ago. But his political career was deep-sixed.

    What’s more, he was one of the good guys. He just got a little overboard on the black power business a long time ago. Again, IIRC.

  7. Mandos says:

    You’re having weird WordPress db errors, btw.

  8. Lauren says:

    Our server has been acting up lately. Stupid thing.

  9. mythago says:

    It makes me wonder a bit about what one might pull from my archives if I ever got into some sort of legal or ethical trouble.

    If you were a company that otherwise had very clearly-state policies for dealing with grievances, you’d probably be okay.

  10. Pepper says:

    If someone tried to pull anything from my archives, they’d probably just find out that I’m a complete nerd.

    Re: The Suicide Girls. I never liked it that they marketed it as “empowerment.” It’s just porn. And they obviously run the joint like your standard San Fernando Valley empire as well.

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