Why Make the Bed?

Why Make the Bed?

Before I grabbed the camera, I caught Doug licking Pablo again. By the time I got back to my room they were pretending to sleep. Sneaky little dudes.

As much as Pablo protests, he likes teh gay off-camera.

We Bring the Cute

In other news we got to visit three-week-old kittens on Ethan’s birthday. They were so cute even Ethan wanted to eat them. With a spoon.

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5 Responses to Why Make the Bed?

  1. norbizness says:

    (1) I’m sensing a very Oscar Wilde / Lord Douglas vibe here. The love that dare not speak its name, indeed.

    (2) It looks like the kitten, a naturally carnivorous creature, wanted to reciprocate! With a spork!

  2. other Ryan says:

    sounds like a fun b-day present – one I wouldn’t mind.

  3. Jill says:

    Oh, they are cute. They almost inspire me to like cats. (And that’s a pretty big step for me).

  4. louise says:

    you wouldn’t have to look at the sheets if the bed were made up and then you would not have to think about what those cats did on your bed!!!!!!!!!!!!

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