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Who Needs Roe?

…when rich women have California and poor women have Cytotec? In an unbelievably offensive article, a writer for the Times assures all of us that even if Roe is overturned, we have no reason to fear a return to the … Continue reading

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Sunday Reads

Absurd Noise: Gaze A map of the Katrina Diaspora (via Black Feminism) Blogger on the Cast-Iron Balcony: No Choice The Language Guy: Language and the Abortion Controversy and On Some Replies to the Abortion Blog Tennessee Guerilla Women: If Roe … Continue reading

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Since this semester started, with my less-than-usual financial aid and rising cost of living, I have been constantly worrying over money. Today I finally pulled off a way to make extra cash. Today was a big game day. Purdue played … Continue reading

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Marry Me, Katha Pollitt

She writes the best piece yet on the Yale stay-at-home mom article. Story’s article is essentially an update on Lisa Belkin’s 2003 Times Magazine cover story about her Princeton classmates, whose marginalization at work after having children was glowingly portrayed … Continue reading

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A Demand-Side Pro-Life Movement

Ed Deluzain, a pro-life Catholic blogger, argues for a demand-side approach to the pro-life movement: Short of a constitutional amendment banning abortion, and no administration, Republican or Democrat, has seriously pursued that. Abortion is a right. It’s not based on … Continue reading

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Blogger Par-tay

Last night, I had the pleausre of attending a blogger party organized by Karol, who was really cool, as I expected. It was great fun. My dear friends Shankar of TK (who has an additional picture) and Jess, a feministing … Continue reading

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