Day: November 20, 2005

TODAY: Pro-Choice Fashion Show

UPDATE: Show was tonight, and it was amazing. New pictures are up here! And even more by fantastic photographer Gary He here. If you’re in NYC, you must come. Body as Billboard Fashion Show, Monday Nov. 21st, 9pm, NYU’s Kimmel…

What’s Wrong With This Article, Mom?

Really, how many times can we write op/eds crying, “Little girls are dressing like whores!”? Well apparently the issue isn’t exhausted yet. Women once complained about being reduced to sex objects. Now, their daughters are volunteering to be sex objects.

Anti-Christian Bias?

Do UC schools discriminate when they refuse to give credit for classes based on textbooks by Bob Jones University? According to the perpetual-victim Evangelical set, yes. Now, it’s obviously problematic if religious discrimination is actually going on. But refusing to…