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More Women Crossing the Border

And they’re risking everything to do it. It took years for Normaeli Gallardo, a single mother from Acapulco, to drum up the courage to join the growing stream of Mexican women illegally crossing the border on the promise of a … Continue reading

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Wiki Women

I adore Wikipedia, and so I was more than a little disappointed to read their definitions of “man” and “woman.” Via Scribblepad, we find that the headings for “man” include: Contents [hide] * 1 Etymology * 2 Age * 3 … Continue reading

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From Russia With Love

Well, not so much for Condoleezza Rice. The headline to this article — and I shit you not — is Condoleezza Rice’s anti-Russian stance based on sexual problems. And we aren’t talking Bob Dole-style sexual problems; no, apparently Condi hates … Continue reading

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Busy Busy

Apologies for the lack of significant posting around here. I’m still on the job hunt, but it seems that I have a prospect gunning for me if they have the funding to start the program with which I’ll be involved. … Continue reading

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So far, this has to be the funniest take on the James Frey story we really shouldn’t care about: A Million Little Meeces. via Hubris in the comments at Roxanne’s UPDATE: See also, A Million Little Reeces Pieces

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How Far Would You Go For a Laugh?

Some say this is the best blonde joke ever, but I’m much more fond of this one: Q: What do you call a blonde who flies a plane? A: A pilot, you fucking misogynist. Now that’s funny.

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