How Far Would You Go For a Laugh?

Some say this is the best blonde joke ever, but I’m much more fond of this one:

Q: What do you call a blonde who flies a plane?
A: A pilot, you fucking misogynist.

Now that’s funny.

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31 Responses to How Far Would You Go For a Laugh?

  1. B Moe says:

    You are truly evil.

  2. KnifeGhost says:

    I clued in about three links in. But I intend to pursue it to the end.

  3. KnifeGhost says:

    I clued in about three links in. But I intend to pursue it to the end.

  4. Betsy says:

    Ok, the pilot one really IS the best blonde joke ever. I just sent it to all my favorite blondes (including one who IS a pilot!).

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  6. kate.d. says:

    i’m kind of embarrassed to say it took me about five clicks to catch on. my hair color has always been difficult to define, though :)

  7. Blonde jokes aren’t misogynistic! That’s outrageous.

    Hey, btw, why did God create blondes?

    Because sheep can’t bring beer from the fridge.

    Why did God create brunettes?

    Neither could the blondes.


  8. WestEnder says:

    3 links and a laugh!

  9. Dadahead says:

    I intend to pursue it to the end.

    I tried. Eventually, it just goes around in circles.

  10. a nut says:

    Yeah, I figured it out and wanted to pursue it to the end but after awhile, I just got tired of clicking.

  11. Chris T. says:

    I’ve always heard that one as a race joke.

    Q: What do you call a black man flying a plane?
    A: A pilot. What are you, some kind of racist?

  12. Lauren says:

    Chris, I like to tell this joke because I’m a) a feminist, and b) blond.

  13. Anna says:

    Even better, in a lot of ways, is that blonde jokes have started circulating that refer to (blonde) men. It doesn’t just throw the misogyny of the traditional blonde jokes back in your face, it recreates the stereotype in a way that even anti-feminists can’t fight.

    (Not that I think it’s fun to imply that blonde me are dumb, but I am working on the assumption here that these jokes are harmless because nobody is actually going to believe that, subconsciously or otherwise – in contrast with jokes about blonde women)

  14. Robert says:

    My favorite blonde joke ever.

    (Blondes unite, take back the…what rhymes with unite?)

  15. kactus says:

    Robert, you’re right, that is a great joke, and I’m not a big fan of jokes. I can’t remember them, I can’t tell them right, and usually I don’t get them. I think my sense of humor is too wierd to be placated with ordinary jokes. Which brings me to the mystery of whatever you all are talking about. When I click the link it just loads, and loads, and loads without ever going anywhere. Is that the joke? Once more, I don’t get it. Sigh.

  16. tas says:

    Chris, I like to tell this joke because I’m a) a feminist, and b) blond.

    I thought it was because you’re a pilot.

  17. David Thompson says:

    Meh, I like this one better:

    Q: What do you call a blonde who flies a plane?
    A: “Ma’am,” as respectfully as possible. She’s the one at the controls and she doesn’t want to hear any more of your stupid blonde jokes.

  18. Marco says:

    That’s so cruel…the inimitable link.

    What do you call a blonde who dyes her hair black?

    Artificial intelligence.

    Does hair color really rate?

    On the level of racism and sexism?

    The South Park guys may be Bushistas, but I think to be human we must make fun of everything.

  19. Hugo says:

    It’s a fine joke, Lauren — I’ll use it liberally, though I might change the expletive dependin’ on the company.

  20. Lauren says:

    Just be sure to keep the righteous indignation.

  21. Slim Slow Slider says:

    oh, Lauren, thanks so much for the pilot one. it has made my day.

  22. Creeping Jenny says:

    My favorite blonde joke was told to me by a math teacher. (Warning: you have to have had enough calc to know how to integrate, in order for the joke to work.)

    Two mathematicians are sitting in a restaurant, arguing cordially. “The common man in the street,” declares the first mathematician, “knows absolutely nothing about mathematics. He cannot perform so much as a simple integration.”

    “Nonsense,” says the second. “Laymen these days are extremely sophisticated. Why, I imagine that even that blonde waitress over there would be capable of integration.”

    They argue some more, and then the first mathematician excuses himself to the bathroom. His friend immediately calls the blonde waitress over to the table and slips her a $20. “Listen,” he says, “I’m going to ask you a mathematical question in a minute. I want you to answer the question, ‘one third x cubed.’ Got it?” The waitress repeats the syllables, “one thir-dex-skubed” a few times, and nods.

    When the first mathematician returns, the second mathematician declares, “I’ll bet you fifty dollars that our waitress can integrate the function x squared.” His colleague agrees, and they call the waitress over and ask her to integrate x squared. She repeats her line faithfully, “one thir-dex-sckubed”, and the first mathematician dutifully pays up. The waitress smiles, and as she walks away, she adds, over her shoulder, “pllus a constant”.

  23. Chuck says:

    You know what’s really funny?

    People on LiveJournal never tell that many jokes. God damn, so unrealistic.

  24. mikez says:

    It took me 6 clicks to get it. Blondes are off the hook, dark browns are dumber.

  25. pansauce says:

    Creeping Jenny, thanks.

    I’m adding it to my list of math jokes.

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  27. betsyl says:

    i have gone and stolen this whole entire post. but i have credited it to you, and linked back. (i am not mentioning the part where i was glad not to be drinking while reading. because that’s just undignified.)

  28. Tony says:

    That’s very funny!

  29. mythago says:

    David’s is a close second.

    blonde jokes have started circulating that refer to (blonde) men

    They always did. This is so that the teller of the joke could indignantly pretend that they aren’t being sexist, cuz the joke is about men TOO! It’s not “remaking the stereotype”. It’s pretending that the stereotype doesn’t exist.

    I was blonde back when these things were in their last cycle. When I replied with ‘brunette jokes’, people would get all wide-eyed and say gosh, that was mean! Hello, fuckwad, did you think that coming up and making jokes about my haircolor making me a dumb slut was kindly?

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