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Twisty writes A Cult Is A Cult Is A Cult, about invisibility, feminism, aging and religion. I can’t believe I’m actually writing this, but I love Pink. Video via Lauren. This piece by Bitch Lab has been going around for … Continue reading

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My Prayers Have Been Answered

I know this is cruel to laugh at, but come on.

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Charming. Diet wine, pitched to women by playing to their insecurities: This off-the-mark targeting reaches its full height with White Lie, Beringer Blass’ new lower-calorie, lower-alcohol wine for women. The marketing of this Chardonnay revolves around the maxim “a little … Continue reading

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Is My Neighborhood Hip?

As someone who lives there, I will say no. Yesterday at the grocery store, there was a woman in stretch pants and stilletto knee-high boots carrying a white puffy dog wearing a coat and two pink bows in its hair. … Continue reading

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Echidne of the Snakes explains it all for you

Echidne would like you to read her series on the gender gap in earnings. It’s quite long, and quite dense, but also quite good. Update: The Guardian reports that one in five UK firms responding to a government study were … Continue reading

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Wherein A Young Anti-Choicer Explains Abortion

I do hesitate to be this petty, but I think someone needs to quit masturbating in the shower and then crying his eyes out afterwards because of all the lives he’s ended. The abandonment of ideals, even wrong ones, leaves … Continue reading

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Hamas Victory and the Mid-East Peace Process

UPDATE: Obsidian Wings says it so much better. I’m not entirely sure what to make of this one, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. Touching on this one is guaranteed to piss people off, and I guarantee that my … Continue reading

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Scalia’s absence from the Roberts swearing-in explained: He was on a judicial junket. The place: the Ritz-Carlton resort in Bachelor Gulch, CO. The event: a legal seminar. The sponsor: the Federalist Society.

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Friday Random Ten

The “It’s just not the same without Lauren” edition. 1. Elliott Smith – Angeles 2. Neil Young – Star of Bethlehem 3. Mariah Carey – Shake It Off 4. The Flaming Lips – Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell … Continue reading

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What A Pro-Life International Policy Looks Like

I posted briefly yesterday on the efforts by anti-choice groups to keep women in developing nations poor, pregnant and uninformed about their bodies. These so-called “pro-life” groups will tell you that it’s good for women in developing nations to submit … Continue reading

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Missouri: A Case Study

The New York Times covered it a while back, but now Time Magazine has jumped on board to examine Missouri’s extreme limits on abortion rights — to the point where getting an abortion in Missouri is nearly impossible. Consider, for … Continue reading

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Friday Cat Blogging

No FRT from me until I perhaps get with the times and get some kind of device to play mp3s on. And maybe some mp3s, for that matter. God, I’m so uncool. Anyway, some cat pics!

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