Day: February 7, 2006

Two Questions

One: Does anyone have good brand recommendations for steel-toed, steel-shank boots? I wear a women’s 10.5, which means I usually go for men’s sizes for stuff like this. Also, I have arches that flatten out, so brands with good cushioning/arch…

Would You Rather?

Update on Nia’s story: (Queasy hat-tip to R. Mildred, who noticed this before I did) (Note: contains some sexual-violence triggers) I’m ashamed to say I missed this the first time ’round, since I was reading more for the passages on…

Susanna and the Elders

(Note: this post contains some sexual violence triggers.) I was most gratified some days ago to come across Ginmar’s post about screening Artemisia, the 1997 film about the artist of the same name. I thought I was the only one.