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Winter Olympics, How Do I Love Thee?

I love the weird events, like skeleton and biathalon. I love that Torino is playing 70s disco for the Parade of Nations. I love the Canadians and their hats with ear flaps. I love the nations from Africa and the … Continue reading

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Guilty Pleasures

Because it’s Friday, and why not? Top 3, list ’em in the comments. Mine: 1. Blue States Lose (and Gawker in general, but this section is particularly hilarious). Example: “We don’t know what kind of disgusting French bestiality goth fetish … Continue reading

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What’s Killing European Women?

Cancer? AIDS? Traffic accidents? Heart disease? Take a guess. Answer below the fold.

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Friday Random Ten

The “Someone call Phil Kline, my iTunes is thinking about sex” edition. 1. The Killers – Midnight Show 2. Radiohead – Pull/Pulk Revolving Doors 3. Wu Tang Clan – Bring da Ruckus 4. Ani Difranco – Swim 5. The Faint … Continue reading

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What Is Teen Sex?

Don’t ask Phil Kline, cuz he don’t know. For those who missed it, Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline reinterpreted his state law to require all health-care workers, doctors, counselors, social workers, and others to report every single instance of intimate … Continue reading

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The Good, The Bad, The Ugly and The Interesting: A Massive Round-Up

There’s a lot going on in the news right now, and I wish I had the time to give each of these their own post. But alas, the internet at my house isn’t working, which means I have to do … Continue reading

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Work, Family and Race

E tu, New York Times? Indeed, the grey lady is taking on gender, work, and race — all in one article. Around the country black women are opting out of the “opt-out” debate, the often-heated exchange about the compatibility of … Continue reading

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Friday Cat Blogging


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