Day: February 28, 2006

On Brokeback Mountain

I’ve been avoiding writing about this movie for a while, mostly because all the right-wing op/eds I read about it were just so stupid that it would have been a waste of all of our time to take a look…


According to the latest CBS News poll. At least he hasn’t hit Nixonian depths of popularity.

Guantanamo Round-Up

We’re indefinitely detaining people; arguing that because they’re “enemy combatants” and because they aren’t on U.S. soil that they don’t deserve regular due process rights; and then asserting that they aren’t prisoners of war and therefore aren’t subject to the…

Darfur Crisis Extends Into Chad

The refugee crisis is growing, and the rest of the world is sitting back and watching. These people are refugees in their own countries. There is nowhere for them to go. And help just isn’t coming.