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Mumps, Of All Things?

Pretty big mumps outbreak in Iowa. I had the mumps as a baby, according to my mother, as did most of my siblings (in fact, we had to leave our trip to Florida early because the twins, who had been … Continue reading

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Yay Me

I’m *finally* sending off my application for evaluation of my legal credentials by the Canadian bar. With any luck, I’ll get off with only a few exams and be able to take them in August instead of January. Now I … Continue reading

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Whitened Sepulchers

I’m not the only one who associates tooth decay with moral failure, am I? I have no problem telling a doctor that I last bothered to use my nasal spray approximately six months before allergy season started, or that I’ve … Continue reading

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Wombs for Rent, Cheap

Women in India are being paid to serve as surrogate birth mothers for Western couples. This is one of those stories that makes my feminist-meter go all wonky: It’s a reproductive freedom issue, but it’s paying a less-privileged woman to … Continue reading

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Who Matters?

Consider these high school graduation statistics. Assume that students can be divided into groups. These groups can reflect gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, economic status, or some other characteristic that we’re dividing into categories (I realize this is problematic in … Continue reading

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Speaking of Panty-Sniffing

Digby has a post up about a NOW program on the forced-birth movement in South Dakota that features the very insane Leslee Unruh, who is not only spearheading the effort to ban abortion in South Dakota, she’s pushing for abstinence-only … Continue reading

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“Panty-Sniffing” Kansas AG Thwarted

A federal judge has ruled that sweaty little bastard Kansas AG Phil Kline, who sought to obtain the medical records of thousands of women and girls who sought abortions and justified it as an effort to enforce child-rape reporting laws, … Continue reading

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At Least Someone Agrees With Little Ricky

Problem is, it’s Tony Soprano. Contains strong language. But you knew that.

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Why I Do Not Take The Tram

‘Cause I don’t want to be stuck for six hours hundreds of feet in the air suspended from a little wire. Plus, Roosevelt Island.

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White House Shake-Ups

Scott McClellan quits. Karl Rove scales back his duties. Can’t blame McClellan. Must be morally troubling to be paid to lie, deflect questions, and not give information which should be public knowledge. As for Rove, well… the less he’s doing, … Continue reading

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Breaking: College Students Smoke Sheesha

The New York Times is really on top of it. Apparently college students smoke flavored tobacco out of hookahs. Who would have guessed. We have a hookah in our apartment. It’s blue and silver and pretty. Interestingly, we have never … Continue reading

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