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Wherein Kirk Cameron Proves Beyond a Shadow of a Doubt that God Designed Oral Sex

All those arguments that male homosexuality and performing oral sex on men is unnatural? Out the window. Thanks, God! (Watch through the banana segment). via The General.

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We All Die Alone

Here’s my Belated Blog Against Heteronormativity Post. Go here for all the others. When I told my mother I was bisexual, she said, “That’s nice! You’re flexible.”

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I Don’t Know How You Parents Do It

As if the baby poop weren’t bad enough, the diaper cream has to be worse. Remember how I mentioned that I used diaper cream for my heat rash down in Louisiana? Well, it got into my clothes and stayed there; … Continue reading

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Blog Against Heteronormitivity Day!

Is today. My entry will be belated, because I’m so tired I was crying on the bus. I haven’t had time yet to commit sodomy in drag and blog about it. But I read some of the (many, many, many) … Continue reading

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