Friday Random Ten

The “Yay, my bathtub is finally fixed and I can shower at home instead of at the gym!” edition. (It’s a good day).

1. Radiohead – Life in a Glass House
2. Ani Difranco – 32 Flavors
3. Mindy Smith – One More Moment
4. Gipsy Kings – Trista Pena
5. Tom Waits – A Sight for Sore Eyes
6. Elliott Smith – Going Nowhere
7. Fiona Apple – Tymps
8. Pixies – Where Is My Mind
9. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Over and Over Again
10. DJ Shadow – Six Days

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  1. Thomas
    April 28, 2006 at 11:48 am

    1) Southern Culture On The Skids: White Trash
    2) Pink Floyd: In the Flesh
    3) Phil Stier: Magic Carpet Ride
    4) Blues Traveller: But Anyway
    5) Macy Gray: Sexomatic Venus Freak
    6) Munros: Flower of Scotland
    7) Beck: Truck Drivin’ Neighbor Downstairs
    8) Beastie Boys: Funky Boss
    9) Led Zeppelin: Your Time Is Gonna Come
    10) Elmore James: Hawaiian Boogie

  2. April 28, 2006 at 1:33 pm

    All else may be wrong with the world, but with Tom Waits again in Jill’s FRT, something is right.

  3. April 28, 2006 at 3:05 pm

    That Gypsy Kings to Tom Waits segue sounds dreamy, but then I think, Foreign Affairs Waits and the Gypsy Kings…not so much.

    And the “Life in a Glass House” to Ani one works nicely, not because the songs sound at all alike, but because there’s an implied narrative. First, the Radiohead lyrics:

    Once again, I’m in trouble with my only friend
    She is papering the window panes
    She is putting on a smile
    Living in a glass house

    Once again, packed like frozen food and battery hens
    Think of all the starving millions
    Don’t talk politics and don’t throw stones
    Your royal highnesses

    Well of course I’d like to sit around and chat
    Well of course I’d like to stay and chew the fat
    Well of course I’d like to sit around and chat
    But someone’s listening in.

    Once again, we are hungry for a lynching
    That’s a strange mistake to make
    You should turn the other cheek
    Living in a glass house.

    Now, Ani’s “Glass House”:

    sitting in my glasshouse
    while your ghost is sleeping down the hall
    watching the little birds fly
    kamikaze missions into the walls
    think i’m gonna stay in today
    sit on my couch and watch them fall

    life just keeps getting harder
    keeps getting harder to hide
    darker it is around me
    easier it is to see inside
    and outside the glass
    the whole world is magnified
    and its barely an inch
    from here to the other side

    guess that push has come to this
    so i guess this must be shove
    but before you throw those stones at me
    tell me what’s your house made of
    and before you’ll know what i’m doing wrong
    you’re going to have to get in line
    for the purposes of this song
    lets just say i’m doing fine
    sure, i’m doing fine

    trapped in my glasshouse
    crowd has been gathering since dawn
    make a pot of coffee
    while catastrophe awaits me out on the lawn
    think i’m going to stay in today
    pretend like i don’t know what’s going on

    [Sorry about the formatting. Not sure why it’s previewing like that.]

    Anyhow, like most former mix-tape mavens, I love little more than imposing narratives that aren’t there onto songs which aren’t either. But were this the basis of a mix…and now you see why I rarely comment on people’s RFT. (I wouldn’t have commented on this one either, but the Radiohead/Ani conjunction was too suggestive to pass up.)

  4. April 28, 2006 at 5:32 pm

    Ani and Fiona Apple: soundtrack to my high school years.

    I love Tymps, though. Hoping to see Fiona in concert this summer, twice if I’m lucky!

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