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:::Waves Lighter:::

Genius. The Love Song Of J. Edgar Goldstein Let us go then, you and I, Where my leer is sprawled out upon the thigh Of the lefty chick that waits upon my table; Let me binge, in certain half-deserted streets, … Continue reading

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Always Something Nice to Say

Eteraz asked me via email about whether there’d been any movement to establish chivalry among queers. He started wondering after seeing a show on MTV involving gay people being mean to other candidates. I’m not familiar with that particular one, … Continue reading

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“Like a Hip-Hop Lynndie England”

That, apparently, was Otto Man’s reaction to this. Can’t say I disagree.

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Friday Feminist Round-Up

Kuwaiti women vote for the first time in the country’s history. “I feel like I am a full citizen today,” said Maha Barjes, a member of Kuwait’s Human Rights Society and longtime women’s rights campaigner. “The results of this election … Continue reading

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Grooms for Life

You’ve kinda gotta see it for yourself, but here’s a little preview: Is there a way to radically decrease abortions without asking the government to do it? Adoption is often suggested here and that is a good alternative but I … Continue reading

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Greatest Narcissistic Procrastination Tool EVER

via Gawker comes the most fun I’ve had all morning: A face recognition program that evaluates your photo and tells you which celebrity you look like. So now, it’s celebrity-look-alike time, blogger edition:

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Friday Random Ten – the “I’m Too Busy Playing With This Celebrity Facial Recognizer Thing to Come Up With a Proper Title” edition

1. Van Morrison – You Don’t Know Me 2. Maxwell – Amazing 3. Herbie Hancock ft. Miles Davis & Wayne Shorter – Masqualero 4. Bob Dylan – Things Have Changed 5. David Bowie – Man Who Sold the World 6. … Continue reading

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Why is it that posts about blow jobs, religion and Wal-Mart are the ones that generate over 100 posts?

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Common Sense Prevails

The federal advisory panel looking at the HPV vaccine has recommended, unanimously, that 11- and 12-year-old girls be routinely vaccinated, with vaccinations for girls as young as 9 up to the discretion of parents and doctors. ATLANTA – Taking up … Continue reading

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I Give Up.

I know I said I’d post about Hamdan when I got a chance to read it, but I haven’t, and anyway Glenn Greenwald has it covered. As does Scott.

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Why are you a Democrat, again?

Dianne Feinstein can kiss my flag-buffed butt. (No, it’s true! I use flags for toilet paper! Not just paper ones, either. I scour antiques stores for cotton and silk flags, preferably ones flown either in battle or from the porches … Continue reading

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Supreme Court News

Just a quick post, since the big boss has finally taken note of my existence and has given me direct assignments for the first time in two years: The Supreme Court released its decision in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, the big … Continue reading

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