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Two killed during shootout at a Florida federal corrections facility. The shootout was between six guards and FBI agents who were coming to arrest them. Why? A gunfight broke out this morning in a federal prison here between federal agents … Continue reading

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From Angry Brown Butch: In the wake of growing violence against Trans and Gender Nonconforming (TGNC) people, as evidenced by the brutal attack on renowned Singer and Drag Performer-Kevin Aviance, the New York City Police Department and the City of … Continue reading

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Good question!

And a hell of a lot more constructive than most of the ones abuse survivors hear, no? I hereby promote this comment by Dianne from Jill’s post about Yvette Cade: If I may ask a slightly off topic question to … Continue reading

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Aggressive Measures

MySpace is being sued in the wake of a sexual assault. MySpace’s age verification practices come under attack by the plaintiff’s attorneys. The site requires users to be at least 14 years old, asking for name, date of birth, e-mail … Continue reading

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A Little Help, Here

In the comments to my post on Alpha Males, jeffliveshere posed the following puzzle: Maybe it’s my lack of imagination, but it’s difficult for me to come up with examples of men in popular culture who are confident-but-not-dominant, and most … Continue reading

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Teh Surgery

Because I am lazy, I will again rely on the inimitable Jamison Green for a brief synopsis of the available options:

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Ripping Off Jill

These are some of the things that bother me: 1) Commenters who appeal to one of us after another of us has banned them. This is like running to Mommy after Daddy puts his foot down (or vice versa). I … Continue reading

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Net Neutrality

If you’re reading blogs (and look at that, you are), you should be thinking about Net Neutrality. Feministing has a good interview with Joan Blades that lays out the issues in a straight-forward way. Check out Save the Internet for … Continue reading

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Well. That’s…Nice?

Iocaste, guest-blogging over at Lawyers, Guns and Money while Scott swans around Paris, has a terrific post up about a recent 11th Circuit Court of Appeals decision affirming a lower-court opinion declining to extend trade-dress protection to the Hooters Girls … Continue reading

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Those Never-Ending Mommy Wars

I considered avoiding the Linda Hirshman debacle-in-progress, but what the hell. It goes like this: A while back, Hirshman wrote a piece for The American Prospect in which she argued that working was better for women than staying at home. … Continue reading

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Another Amazing Woman

Yvette Cade. After her husband set her on fire in an attempt to kill her, she was left severely scarred. But she still shows up and speaks out. “Women should never feel responsible for a man’s violence,” she said on … Continue reading

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World Cup Woes?

Save me. Apparently the little ladies are having some trouble weathering the World Cup season, and are in dire need of over-priced spa packages to alleviate the pain of being football widows. Perhaps I’m primarily irritated with this tired old … Continue reading

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