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Make Me More Like a Greek Woman

An op/ed in the Times this week is after my own heart — it looks at the problem of subway groping, and compares the reactions of New Yorkers and Greeks. Around the same time, I spent eight months doing research … Continue reading

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Note: Welcome, Eschatonians and Crooks and Liars readers! Please note that comments will be held in moderation if you haven’t posted before, and it may be some time until someone gets to them. In addition, we will delete or edit … Continue reading

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Charlotte Allen Would Rather Her Daughters (and Yours) Have Cancer Than Sex.

Amanda calls her a “moral monster,” and I couldn’t agree more. Now, here’s the latest from an immunization panel affiliated with the National Centers for Disease Control: force every single little girl, female teenager, and young woman in the country … Continue reading

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Sorry if your comments were stuck in moderation. We’ve been getting a great deal of porn-o-rific spam here lately. Fortunately, it’s all from the same ISP, so I think we’ve been able to resolve it. Pretty damn disturbing glimpse into … Continue reading

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