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Someone get this man a newpaper, or at least an Us Weekly

I know Robert Novak isn’t exactly “hip,” but I didn’t think it was possible for someone to be so thoroughly disconnected from reality. His column this week is about a movie called Bella, in which a pregnant woman decides to … Continue reading

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Earth v. Bush

I would just like to take a minute and thank the President for the fact that I wore a summer dress to school today, and had a pleasant walk home, as it was 60 degrees despite the fact that the … Continue reading

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Mel Gibson Feels Michael Richards’ Pain

It’s tough out there for an anti-Semite. Riffing off of Piny’s earlier post, at what point does one cross the line from doing or saying something anti-Semitic into actually being an anti-Semite? Mel Gibson gets tanked and launches into an … Continue reading

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The “Muslim Problem”

Anti-immigration and anti-Muslim conservatives aren’t racist, they swear. They’re just concerned. About, you know, democracy and our way of life and human rights and money and stuff. All this talk about the current administration being a wee bit Nazi-like and … Continue reading

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Prince of Peace, or Dancing Queen?

You decide. Via

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That’s one word for it.

A very diplomatic Jennie in comments: Does a misogynist action make a person sexist? I don’t know … I suppose it depends on whether one believes that action determines essence or vice versa, which is an existential debate.

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Bipartisanship, My Fat Fanny

Another entrant in the parade of Bush appointees meant to take down the government offices to which they’re appointed: Mary Beth Buchanan, Bush’s new appointee to head the Office on Violence Against Women. From Jessica: Buchanan’s claims to fame? She’s … Continue reading

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To Review

Zuzu, who apparently decided to write about it herself after all, alerted me among others to this post detailing the same old same old at FDL. Sort of like when my roommate takes a reeking carton from the back of … Continue reading

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Sound Familiar?

Seems like our old friend TRex is up to some of his old tricks again, along with fellow Firedoglake contributor Pachacutec. Quoth Pachacutec: FDL Late Nite: Whore, n., 1. a prostitute… 2. A person considered sexually promiscuous [Ed. Note: literally, … Continue reading

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Lesson of the Day: Knowing When to Stop

It’ something that our little friend Gary Miller could stand to learn a little more about. He wrote an asinine opinion column for NYU’s student newspaper, the Washington Square News, about how “girls” who go to clubs are stupid whores. … Continue reading

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So, wait, I thought the penguins were supposed to be conservatives!

That’s what they were all bleating about last year. Family values, sacrifice, yadda yadda. This year, it’s different. Roy catches Lileks and Red State moaning about what a bunch of commies those animated penguins in Happy Feet are, what with … Continue reading

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Negotiating is for pussies

These people are unbelievable idiots.

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