Day: January 14, 2007

Dawn Eden explains women

And does a wonderful job explaining why the pro-“chastity,” anti-choice crowd is so thoroughly misogynist, seeing men as actors and women as passive objects: We [women] are vessels and we seek to be filled. She’s concise, I’ll give her that.

The Way God Designed Our Bodies

Regular readers of feminist blogs have probably already seen this video about the Quiverfull movement. Much has been written about the underlying racism and xenophobia of the movement, as well as the Quiverfulls’ hostility toward women’s rights — and the…

Basketball Grannies

I read this story with interest: Playing basketball isn’t ladylike. That’s what Jewell Chapman’s high school principal told her in 1961 when he banned the girls basketball program. “We were very frustrated,” said Chapman, a forward for her high school…


I bought myself a rice cooker not too long ago, and I’m going nuts right now smelling the batch of brown rice that’s cooking in chicken broth. Why, why, WHY isn’t it ready yet?

What A Girl Wants

Now tell me Justin Timberlake is not amazing. And no worries for those who prefer the lady-parts. There’s something for you too: How did I not discover this sooner?

Wonderful, Glorious Me

I’ve been doing a little poking around through our trackbacks, and it seems that a number of people have found the comments to these posts a bit disheartening, in a god-when-can-we-ever-stop-berating-ourselves kind of way. For example, Maia wrote, What I…