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Cyborg Beauty

From the New York Times Style section: Shifts of taste and style are trivialities, of course, without any serious meaning. But they do perform one important function, as Proust pointed out: they notch our hours and moments and decades and leave us with visual mnemonics, clues by which to remember where and in which dress […] more

The pitfalls of one-size-fits-all measures

According to the National Institutes of Health, the man on the left in this photo is obese. I wouldn’t doubt the one on the right is, too. I don’t really have time to write an in-depth post on this today, but Ezra has a good post today about an article in The New Republic by […] more

Say It Ain’t So

A reverse mullet??? I agree with the article, though — have the courage of your convictions, hipsters, and wear Joan Collins shoulderpads if you’re going to bother. Sheesh. Via Rox. more