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Red Scrunchie Blues

You know what I can’t stand about Dick Cheney? It’s not the shameless corruption. I’m not all that annoyed by the whole war in Iraq thing, either. I’m pretty sanguine about his treatment of his daughter and her partner. In … Continue reading

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Help Us Help Ourselves: Traveling on a Shoestring

REMINDER: Send in your HUHO submissions to by TOMORROW for the March 1st round-up. Now, my contribution: I’ve been trying to think of something to contribute to Lauren’s brilliant project, and have been having a hell of a time. … Continue reading

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Angry feminist writers make me happy

Heather Mallick is my new favorite person. In her latest column, she goes after Harper’s editor Roger Hodge, and criticizes the sexism of the magazine industry: Last year, an American website,, began tracking the ratio of male to female … Continue reading

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Some Links

Because Lauren finds the coolest stuff: How many condoms can you put on a dildo? The answer may surprise you. Can you nail Jell-o to the wall? Why, yes. Yes you can. From WIMN Online (also via Lauren): How is … Continue reading

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In Conservative Religious Victories This Week…

Godbag kills a woman because he doesn’t think ladies should be involved in politics. Nothing new to see here. The guy who shot Pakistani human rights advocate Zilla Huma Usman has been implicated in six previous murder cases, but was … Continue reading

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University of Chicago refuses to divest from Darfur

Dozens of other universities have pulled their investments out of Sudan because of the ongoing genocide there. But not the University of Chicago: U of C President Robert J. Zimmer (not to be confused with the far-cooler Robert Zimmerman) is … Continue reading

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Sorority upholds the sisterhood of the white, the pretty and the thin

The new Delta Zeta house is so diverse they even have brunettes. Worried that a negative stereotype of the sorority was contributing to a decline in membership that had left its Greek-columned house here half empty, Delta Zeta’s national officers … Continue reading

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Pole Dancing Parties, the New Tupperware Parties

The NY Times has one of those Sunday Styles “trend” pieces that not only probably doesn’t describe an actual trend, but is rather too late for any sort of “trend” anyhow: Pole Dancing Parties Catch On in Book Club Country. … Continue reading

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More Proof of the Housework Gap

Another story that makes me glad I live alone. Tracy Clark-Flory at Broadsheet writes about a BBC report of a study showing that single women who live alone clean less than women who live with a male partner — and … Continue reading

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Dodging a Bullet

Lindsay Beyerstein has an article in Salon describing the reasons why she turned down the position with the Edwards campaign that eventually went to Amanda Marcotte. Very interesting reading.

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He-Man Woman-Haters Club Explains Homophobia

Shorter Doug Giles: We don’t have gays, we just love women. And gays want to be women. Which is why we don’t like them.

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If motherhood is so great, why don’t you do it?

This New York Times article about MomsRising is a good one. It profiles a feminist organization that is pushing for gender equality in the workplace, and specifically mobilizing for the rights of working mothers. My major quibble is that the … Continue reading

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