Day: March 11, 2007

The Ethics of Genetic Testing

Michael Bérubé, full-time Professor of Dangeral Studies and weekend blogger at Pandagon, has both a post and an article (in the Toronto Globe & Mail) about prenatal testing and some of the ethical issues it raises, in particular where the…

Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

You know the drill: toot yer horns. UPDATE: Okay, you don’t know the drill. Promote specific posts, with descriptions, so people know why they should visit your blog. Y’all really gotta brush up on your self-promotion skills. Oy!


A Feminism 101 blog! Called, appropriately enough, Finally, A Feminism 101 Blog. It’s there for your basic questions about feminism, because we’re not here to school you in the basics. Muchas gracias to tigtog, the Hoyden About Town, for putting…