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File Under: Get pregnant, lose your civil liberties

Ah, the things politicians will do in the name of protecting babies! Now, we all know that the term “protecting babies,” when uttered by a “pro-life” individual, is usually code for “reminding women that they are simply vessels who, once … Continue reading

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…when you’re a woman

Way to go, WaPo: When is $4 million really $2.8 million? One answer is “When you’re a woman,” as the Labor Department has repeatedly found that women earn about 75 cents for every dollar that men earn for the same … Continue reading

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Great, now I can jab rusty nails in my feet!

When choosing between sex and death, conservative religious nuts will choose death every time — so long as it’s women and girls they’re killing. Bill Maher gets on my nerves for a lot of reasons — his blatant sexism, for … Continue reading

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Treat your mother right.

Mr. T says, “When you insult one mother, you insult mothers everywhere.” Trust in Mr. T.

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Women Who Make Us Cringe

In honor of Women’s History Month. Thanks, MSN.

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I Hate… well, everyone

Kenneth Eng is a real piece of work. A columnist for the San Francisco weekly AsianWeek — “The Voice of Asian America” — Eng recently penned a column titled “Why I Hate Blacks.” This follows other articles of Eng’s, “Proof … Continue reading

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Liberal Capitalist Pigs

I try and avoid posts about how you should all go out and buy stuff (except when I’m promoting the Feministe store — which, btw, I’m working on moving to a more socially-conscious site; please be patient — and my … Continue reading

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Wise up about drinking and rape

Finally, a feminist op/ed about drinking and rape that I can get behind. Jaclyn Friedman gets away from the finger-wagging “girls who drink will get themselves raped” lecturing that even feminist commentators too often fall back upon. She recognizes that, … Continue reading

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Help Us Help Ourselves: March 2007 Edition

image via smiteme. The Background: Help Us Help Ourselves is a project started by Lauren, where bloggers across the ‘sphere are asked to contribute their suggestions, advice and tips on how to do anything and everything. There’s an emphasis on … Continue reading

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