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Snow Day

Now that I’ve charged up my camera AND located the cord I need to download photos, here are a couple of Junebug from our recent St. Patrick’s snowstorm.

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Beatles! Zombies! What’s not to love? Via E.

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Join me in shedding a tear for Ann Althouse

Because her character has been assassinated, justassassinated by a factually accurate and non-pejorative statement about a controversy she ignited. Poor Ann. These liberals are really out to get her! And the only appropriate response is to completely freak out on … Continue reading

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Male attorneys: Totally victimized.

Prepare for your head to explode (and if you value your sanity, don’t read the comments): Bryan Cave sponsored a “shoe event” in Manhattan recently for its female lawyers and female clients, described in great detail in a WSJ column … Continue reading

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Drunk women can consent to sex

UPDATE: I’d just like to remind commenters — especially new commenters — that there are many women who read this blog who are sexual assault survivors. Some of these women have been assaulted after drinking, under similar circumstances to the … Continue reading

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Because My Bad Behavior Must Be Your Fault

The General explains why Dan Riehl* would fit right in with the Bush Administration. * Yes, it’s that Dan Riehl.

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Why Feminism Is Still Necessary

Because when women speak up and voice their opinions, men feel entitled to do things like this (serious trigger warnings). The threat of violence, particularly sexualized violence, is a favorite tool for insecure men, usually safely anonymous themselves, for trying … Continue reading

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Warning: Patriarchy is Bad for Your Health

My parents used to always warn me that if I kept rolling my eyes so dramatically, they’d get stuck in the back of my head. But if this article didn’t do the trick, I think I’ll be ok. The title … Continue reading

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Playing Politics With Cancer Screening

Planned Parenthood made its name by helping people plan parenthood, promoting access to contraception and providing general reproductive health care. Fewer than one in ten clients comes for abortions, and less than 30% of 860 Planned Parenthood clinics in the … Continue reading

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Girls and Women are Fertile; Conservatives Panic

At issue is an educational book which teaches girls how to chart their fertility cycle. It isn’t a book promoting “natural family planning” as the only acceptable birth control, and it clearly states that protection should be used during intercourse. … Continue reading

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Japan Denies Role in Sex Slavery

Again. Japanese “comfort women” have testified that they were forcibly recruited by the Japanese government to sexually serve soldiers during WWII. Now in their 80s, the women are speaking out and hoping for acknowledgment and apology before they die. This … Continue reading

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Womb for Rent

Check out my post at the Huffington Post today about the Texas Baby Selling Act of 2007.

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