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BSG Discussion Thread — 3.20 “Crossroads, Part 2”

Holy. FRACK.

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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Give us what you got. Post a link and a description to one of your posts. Have at.

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Tell Us What You Want

I’m creating some new t-shirt designs for the Feministe store, and I need your opinions. Which ones will you buy? Ask Me About My Agenda #1 Ask Me About My Agenda #2 Some of my best friends have vaginas #1 … Continue reading

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Shop Feministe!

The Feministe store is now open at Radical Rags! Scroll to the bottom of the Radical Rags site for the Feministe shirts, and check out the rest of the progressive designs along the way. There’s also a Shop Feministe tab … Continue reading

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Using Lawrence to challenge incest laws?

That’s what one Ohio man is doing, and he’s trying to take it to the Supreme Court. The man was convicted of sexual battery for having sex with his 22-year-old stepdaughter, who had reported to police that he raped her. … Continue reading

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Friday Random Ten

the “It may be Saturday, but I don’t see nothin’ wrong…” edition 1. R. Kelly – Bump n’ Grind 2. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Watching Alice 3. Franz Ferdinand – Shopping for Blood 4. The Avett Brothers … Continue reading

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Question for the technically-inclined

For about a week or so, I’ve noticed that I can’t hear sound on YouTube videos on my home computer. There’s nothing wrong with my speakers, so I can hear other things. But while I can see the videos fine, … Continue reading

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Department of Missing the Point

So I’m reading this story on Yahoo about an abstinence group at Harvard. It pretty much runs the course of most articles of this sort: blahblah students are oversexed, blahblah the university promotes sex, blahblah we formed a group to … Continue reading

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Disenfranchised for wearing a veil

Quebec’s chief election official has decreed that women who wear veils that cover their faces, such as niqab, must appear uncovered at the polls for Monday’s election, or they will not be allowed to vote. Marcel Blanchet had been criticized … Continue reading

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Wife-beating legal in Germany

…if you’re Muslim. Sort of, anyway. A German judge has stirred a storm of protest by citing the Koran in turning down a German Muslim woman’s request for a speedy divorce on the ground that her husband beat her. In … Continue reading

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Just One Question

Why? When I saw photos of Travolta in drag on my Yahoo main page, I thought that surely he must be taking over the role on Broadway. Oh, no. They’re remaking the movie. Or they’re adapting the Broadway adaptation of … Continue reading

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Miss USA

Head on over to the Huffington Post and check out my piece on the Miss USA pageant. I’d love to hear your comments here or over there. And this would probably be a good time to announce that I’ll be … Continue reading

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