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We’ve invited several of the most talented writers and bloggers on the internets to join us this summer for a guest-blogging stint. We’ll generally have two guest-bloggers per week (there will be a handful of exceptions, when we’ll have either one or three), and the guest-bloggers will have full reign to write about whatever they want, however they want during their week. We’ve put together a pretty incredible line-up, which will be announced very soon. But first, a PSA about the comment policy during Project Guest Blogger:

All guest bloggers are permitted to delete comments on their own posts at their discretion. They may import their own comment policies from their own blogs into their posts at Feministe. It is entirely up to them what they allow up and what they don’t, and Zuzu, Piny and I will not be second-guessing their moderation decisions.

Ok, PSA over. Just want to make sure we’re all on the same page.

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