Recapin’ Your Ass

Feministe’s weekly round-up of all the posts from the past week.

For the week of Sunday June 3rd through Saturday June 9th:

Sunday June 3rd:

Jill: Why I Provide Abortions

Zuzu: Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Jill: Performance Anxiety. The strange obsession with performed masculinity.

Jill: Project Guest Blogger Comment Policy

Jill: Project Guest Blogger Week Two. Introducing Aulelia and Mikey.

Jill: Giuliani: Worse than George Bush?

Monday June 4th:

Aulelia: Big Brother 8 in Britain is out to stereotype women… or is it?

Mikey: Raising Children in our Way-Past-Gender Society

Mikey: Responding to Raising Children in our Way-Past-Gender Society

Jill: Abortion: The More Dangerous the Better

Jill: Give Me the Death Penalty or Give Me Death. The Supreme Court makes a stunningly bad decision on capital juries.

Zuzu: Question. Does anyone know how to get paint off a dog?

Jill: Speaking of the death penalty… low-income death row prisoners in Alabama don’t have access to lawyers. And a circuit court says that’s a-ok.

Tuesday June 5th:

Zuzu: Round ’em up, Move ’em out. A hearty link round-up.

Aulelia: Footballers’ Wives. The trend of being a “wife and girlfriend” to rich sports stars.

Jill: Help Feminist Bloggers Attend the Allied Media Conference

Jill: Feministe Weekly Round-Up

Mikey: The Teacher As Advocate. Educators are in a particularly good position to advocate for the people in their rapidly changing communities.

Jill: Attack of the 50-Foot Mikhaela. An awesome new book by a feminist cartoonist.

Jill: Feminism is a minority social movement, whose members murder innocent children in order to obtain sexual gratification. Anti-feminist nutbags tell us what the movement is about.

Jill: Pro-Life Group: “It is shameful that Christians would rally around the physical needs of the poor”

Wednesday June 6th:

Mikey: Renewing the Craig v. Boren Strategy for Hate Crimes, or Why Tucker Carlson’s Stupidity Must Be Confronted Head On.

Aulelia: Is Feminism Global?

Jill: Jessica Valenti on The Colbert Report

Zuzu: Crazy? Or Rational? A new movie brings up some troubling feminist issues — the idea of women as “damaged goods,” domestic violence, and the complexity of human relationships.

Zuzu: Justice for Julie Amero. The teacher who was sent to jail because malware infected her computer and porn popped up during class has been given a new trial.

Thursday June 7th:

Jill: And the Lord Smited Rudy. Religious conservatives are claiming God intervened when lightening struck the sound system of the Presidential debates just as Rudy was going to give his position on abortion. Check out who else God hates.

Mikey: The Endorsement: Starbucks’ Madeleines.

Mikey: The Rejection: The Magic Kingdom’s Carousel of Progress.

Aulelia: Aggression. Gender, street harassment, sexual assault and a woman’s place to respond to sexual aggression.

Piny: What are we going to do with you, kitten? Misogyny gets caught up in yet another blogwar.

Piny: Maybe it was a campaign promise. Rudy doesn’t deign the know the price of milk, bread of gas.

Friday June 8th:

Aulelia: Is race a difficult topic for women?

Zuzu: Ask And Ye Shall Receive. JUNEBUG PICTURES!!!

Mikey: The John McCain Campaign Death Watch Begins

Jill: Friday Random Ten: The PAID Edition

Saturday June 9th:

Aulelia: Intimacy for… Exchanging sex for education and goods in Africa.

Mikey: In Which He Fatefully Returns to Gender

Mikey: Paul Berman Should Not Fear Tariq Ramadan

Piny: With great traffic, etc. A bit more on blogwars

Zuzu: Break Time

Piny: Just a quick note. A response to Chris Clarke, and transphobia in the blogosphere.