Day: June 20, 2007

Hate Crime in Indiana

A man was brutally murdered in Indiana because he was gay. And his murderers are using “gay panic defense” to justify what they did to Aaron “Shorty” Hall. Here’s what they did to him (trigger warning: graphic violence):

Hott IDF Babes Luv U

The invitation to an event at the Israeli embassy in New York has raised some eyebrows — because it featured a bikini-clad woman as a way to “celebrate” the women of the Israeli Defense Forces.


A woman who says she was raped is not allowed to use the terms “rape,” “sexual assault,” “sexual assault kit,” “assailant,” or “victim” in her testimony at trial. Describing the incident as she experienced it is, apparently, prejudicial. Calling it…

“Pro-Life” groups to honor murderers

Cartoon by Mike Luckovich of the Atlanta Constitution Three “pro-life” organizations are honoring Paul Hill, a man who murdered an abortion prover and a clinic escort. The event will include “activities at our two remaining killing centers” and a “reenactment…

Rising illegal abortion rates in Iraq

A growing number of Iraq women are having illegal abortions. Surprise, surprise. I’m sure conservatives will all pretend to be shocked and horrified — a sentiment they rarely express for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians we’ve slaughtered, or…