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Dawn points to this article about a woman being branded with an iron for reporting another couple to Child Protective Services: When the woman entered the apartment, the group assaulted and held her against her will, detectives said. The suspects … Continue reading

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Neither fair nor lovely

I wrote the entire post – it took me two hours. I was so looking forward to putting it all up. And then wordpress did not save the draft even though it said it had and it is lost forever. … Continue reading

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Rapist coddled because his victim “didn’t look 10”

The judge thinks she looked 16 and she was wearing a frilly bra and a thong, so raping her ain’t no big thing. This is the same judge who apparently ordered a pedophile to buy his victim a new bicycle. … Continue reading

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Baby-killer, angry about baby-killing, kills baby.

A man accused of killing his girlfriend’s toddler because he was mad at the child’s mother for having an abortion has been sentenced to life in prison. Really. This is incredibly sad, but certainly not surprising. The anti-choice mentality is … Continue reading

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Prosecuting Neo-Natal Drug Use: A Public Health Issue

Theresa Lee Hernandez is being prosecuted for murder — for being a drug addict and giving birth to a stillborn baby. The District Attorney is arguing that Hernandez’s neo-natal methamphetamine use amounts to murdering her child. Obviously no one thinks … Continue reading

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I’m not blaming the victim, I’m just saying that the stupid whore deserved it

Ah, values. A pregnant woman is brutally murdered by the father of her children, and all some “conservative values” bloggers have to say about it is, I’m not saying she deserved it, but she pretty much deserved it. First, Dan … Continue reading

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