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And a whopping one answer: The answer is relatively simple– which law would be broken? If the woman pursued the abortion with malice towards the unborn, then it would be murder one. It is possible, although unlikely, that this would … Continue reading

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why do I fuck thee? let me count the ways

All 237 of them. Although they simplify the hundreds into 4 meta categories, researchers Cindy M. Meston and and David M. Buss have attempted for the first time to catalogue all of the reasons that humans have sex. (You can … Continue reading

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Questions for Pro-Lifers at HuffPo

I put up an expanded version of the earlier Question for Pro-Lifers piece at HuffPo. Check it out. I look forward to seeing if it gets any comments beyond “It’s about the babies!”

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From Clash to Civilization

Ari Melber has a post up at HuffPo today about a panel he’ll be moderating at YearlyKos. I’ll be speaking, along with Glenn Greenwald, The Politico’s Mike Allen and Time magazine’s Jay Carney. The panel is Blogs and the MSM: … Continue reading

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A Question for Pro-Lifers

I know there are at least a few regular readers who self-identify as “pro-life.” So here’s a question for you: How much time should she do? One goal of the anti-choice movement is to outlaw abortion. But, as Anna Quindlen … Continue reading

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dudes declare sexual assault funny as long as the victims are men

Thanks to Jill and the Feministe crew for giving me the opportunity to guest blog this week! I’m excited to be here. I usually write over at about queer, feminist, and Jewish things. I recently saw a video that … Continue reading

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arabic hellos; sabah il kheer

Let me begin with a brief introduction and summary of the past 3 months. I sometimes go by Aaysof. I identify as an Egyptian-American born and raised in Houston, Texas. My mother moved from Cairo to the States with her … Continue reading

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I am a real grown-up.

I just bought my first living room furniture — as in, a couch, a chair and a table that actually match. Which means I’m moving into my first apartment that actually has a living room. Plus I just got my … Continue reading

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“Pro-life” laws kill women

Nigerian law is pretty much in line with what anti-choice activists would like to see in the United States. Abortion is illegal. Contraception is rarely used. The birth rate is high. And 1.5 million Nigerian women have illegal abortions every … Continue reading

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Good enough?

I hate it when Post Secret makes me teary. Otherwise, posted without comment. Updated: if the image isn’t showing up for some reason, click the link and scroll about halfway down. The card is a black and white photo of … Continue reading

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Perez Hilton and the celebutante meltdown

I have no particular love for Perez Hilton (real name Mario Armando Lavandeira) , and clearly he doesn’t mind it that way. (For those with the fortune to have missed out on the PH phenomenon, he’s a celebrity gossip blogger … Continue reading

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UK Girl Scouts want to be prepared for real life

Good for these girls. Guides, which are the British equivalent of Girl Scouts, are asking for information on sex, money management, environmentally-friendly living, and assembling flat-pack furniture. Awesome. Thanks to Thomas for the link.

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