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How to Stop a Blog War.

Whatever you do, don’t ask the BlogWarBot! I’ve been weighing the different approaches being advocated in the comments threads about the recent attacks, and I’m torn. From where I sit, both sides (respond vs. ignore) have good arguments, as well … Continue reading

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Like sparkling wine….

A little hedonism to take our minds off Stripe & co.: I’ve got a question for anyone who’d like to share. For those of you in open relationships or polyamorous relationships, or who are generally polyamorous: how do you negotiate … Continue reading

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Sleeping with the Enemy, Part 3

In which we discuss all those swirly questions about who I fuck(ed), why it matters, and whether or not we should even be discussing it at all. (For background on my sitch, and an ongoing discussion of the role of … Continue reading

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Greatest Hits: When Pro-Life Policies Dominate

Originally posted on November 7, 2006. One columnist at the Demoines Register takes a look at Ethiopia, where abortion is illegal and 30 percent of maternal deaths result from botched illegal procedures. In almost the entire continent, ending a pregnancy … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to Anonymous.

Dear Anonymous, Thank you for your organized campaign to silence us. That you would choose to devote so many hours and resources to your illegal and ill-fated efforts toward our demise is the highest compliment you could pay us. It … Continue reading

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Friday Random Ten – The Big Hit edition

I move tomorrow. I am not done packing. Wish me luck — on moving and other issues. 1. The Blow – Long List of Girls 2. Ray Charles – A Fool For You 3. Charlie Parker – Crazy Tom 4. … Continue reading

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