Day: August 13, 2007

Thinking outside the bra

…but underneath the skin. Via Women’s Health News, it has come to my attention that Israeli scientists have devised a technology now in testing that is, in essence, an internal bra. Internal as in underneath the skin.

Criticizing the things you love

How do you balance criticism of something (or acknowledging its weaknesses) with your appreciation for it? I liked the Transformers movie, on the whole… but I still left yelling “Why did the black robot have to die?” Thinking about the…

YK Run-Down

Lots and lots of thoughts and responses about Yearly Kos. This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, but here are some to check out:

Your Blogger on Air America

Sam Seder interviewed me at YearlyKos, and you can listen to it, uncut, here. I should add the disclaimer that I haven’t even listened to it yet and that I was extremely exhausted, stressed and out of it when I…

We can handle the truth.

The way the world actually is almost always is apparent to us before we know why it it is the way it is. This is pretty inconvenient, especially when deciding what we ought to be doing with the world. Lots…

Gotta start somewhere

I’m going to introduce myself with my first guest post this week because I’m still a little intimidated by writing for such a big audience, and if there’s something I don’t have trouble writing about, it’s myself. My name is…

breaking news

Karl Rove is resigning. We’ll see what that means, in the more complicated long run, later, I expect.  Still.  I can’t help but feel a shadow passing.