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Whither Independent Print Media?

I’ve always loved everything about words put on paper with ink. Not just the way I could carry them on public transit and hand them to my friends, but the way they look and feel and, yes, smell. (I realize … Continue reading

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An American Brigadoon…

The women are part of the mountains, as are all the people. They carry their culture with them when they leave. It is why the eastern seaboard is littered with little mill villages with names like Cabbage Town or Olympia … Continue reading

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Worker’s right to not starve to death for the job

I received a note reminding me to introduce myself. So here it goes. I’m Trudi Evans. I hail from Nova Scotia, Canada. I volunteer with an organization that works on body image, self-esteem, and eating disorders issues. I publish an … Continue reading

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Racism and Greece

My blogging began because of a racist attack that had happened here in Greece six years earlier. It shocked the country then, not just because it was so horrific but also because the country had to wake up and see … Continue reading

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