Help Planned Parenthood Help Women

Planned Parenthood is trying to open a new clinic in Aurora, Illinois — and anti-choice groups are attacking them in full force.

Illinois is desperately in need of greater reproductive health care services. Some stats:

# llinois ranked seventh-highest in 2005 for chlamydia rates and 11th-highest for gonorrhea, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
# The Guttmacher Institute reports that among the 50 states and the District of Columbia, Illinois ranks 46th in the availability of contraceptive services and supplies.
# In Illinois, 1,558,620 women are in need of contraceptive services and supplies.

You can help Planned Parenthood by donating, or by being a part of their ribbon campaign.

Anti-choice bloggers are supporting efforts to keep the Aurora clinic from opening. Fox News is covering the protests. We need a major pro-choice effort to get the word out about the good that PP does — and we need to let people know what the “pro-life” movement actually stands for.

The Aurora protests certainly illustrate the moral bankruptcy of the “pro-life” movement. They’re being led by Joe Scheidler, founder of the Pro-Life Action League. Scheidler is the guy who declared 1985 “a year of pain and fear” for women and doctors.” He calls his group a “pro-life mafia,” and has orchestrated hundreds of violent crimes against abortion providers and patients:

In 1998, a jury found that the Pro-Life Action League orchestrated 121 crimes involving acts or threats of unlawful force or violence:

–In Los Angeles, they beat a post-operative ovarian surgery patient over the head with their anti-abortion sign, knocking her unconscious and causing her to bleed from the sutures in her abdomen.

–In Atlanta, they seized a clinic administrator by the throat, choking and bruising her.

–In Pensacola, Florida, in March 1986: “Scheidler and other Pro-Life Action Network leaders were in town, staying at the home of John Burt, another anti-abortion activist. On the evening of March 25, Joe Scheidler, [admitted former KKK member] John Burt, Joan Andrews, and others discussed what form of Oprotest1 they would conduct at the clinic the next day. Several, including Joan Andrews, who was well-known for destroying medical equipment, agreed to invade the clinic the next morning. Scheidler also agreed to enter, if he thought he could do so without being arrested. Sure enough, the next day, John Burt, Joan Andrews and others invaded the clinic. They threw the clinic’s administrator down the stairs, injuring her badly; they shoved a NOW volunteer against a wall, causing her permanent injury; and they wrecked the medical equipment, putting the clinic out of business for several days. During the mayhem, Scheidler stood outside, handling press relations for his group. He praised those who went in and took credit for the invasion and property destruction.” [Testimony of NOW lawyer Fay Clayton, before the House Judiciary Committee]

“One method that has been used successfully to get an abortionist to cut down on his practice and even to swear off doing abortions is for a pro-lifer to make him a target for conversion. Efforts are made to get to know this abortionist’s family, his church affiliation, his memberships in professional organizations and clubs, and other facts about his lifestyle. Manifestation of this interest is always genuine, and persistent.”– Scheidler

Several years ago we tracked down a twelve year-old girl who was going to have an abortion so that we could talk her out of it. Talking a woman out of having an abortion is not news. But tracking her down by using private detectives is.”–Scheidler

“You can try for 50 years to do it the nice way or you can do it next week the nasty way.”–Scheidler

Emphasis mine. And he doesn’t stop there:

“We’re sick of reading letters from know-nothing feminists and their lackeys about how terrible it is to outlaw partial birth abortion. These people are nuts and evil and stupid. Other than that they’re just fine.”–Joe Scheidler

“The feminist movement of today has accepted the sexist idea that women have to be unburdened of children in order to achieve in a society built with the model of a childless male in mind.”–From “Abortion and Liberation” on the Pro-Life Action League’s Web Site

“Pro-aborts are terrified when a tiny, helpless unborn baby is given any value whatsoever. They must know
deep down somewhere that this tiny little person is inherently valuable and has the power to totally unravel the tower of lies that allows the liberal feminist and her allies to indulge their selfish lifestyles.”–Scheidler

“I think contraception is disgusting–people using each other for pleasure[and] for those who say I can1t impose my morality on others, I say just watch me.”–Scheidler

“I would like to outlaw contraception.”–Scheidler

“Planned Parenthood is the leading promoter of abortion and pre-marital sex, formerly known as fornication. They are largely responsible for the breakdown of the family, the increase in sexually transmitted diseases among teenagers and the huge numbers of abortions in this country and throughout the world.”–Scheidler

“We won’t be happy until there is no fornication and no abortion.”–Scheidler

“It’s dirty. It’s promoting lesbianism, masturbation and pedophilia.”–Scheidler, protesting a performance of the play, the Vagina Monolgues

“I’ve personally known too many converted and cured homosexuals to take the alibi seriously that they can’t change”–Joe Scheidler

“While I can see eye to eye with a black man or woman, can agree whole heartedly with a Jew or an Arab, feel perfectly at home with a dwarf, I would find it impossible to be at one with someone who hates Christ, mocks my religious beliefs or believes that homosexual marriage is just fine.–Scheidler

“I am uncomfortable with a rabid pro-abortionist, a pornographer, an atheist who believed my Catholic beliefs are false, and a flaming homosexual who believes in same sex marriage. Sorry, but that’s me and I’m not about to change.–Scheidler

“Just as I will never accept homosexuality, pornography or abortion as normal, I will not accept those who practice these perversions as normal or people to be cultivated, until they change. I know wonderful people who have fought all these perversions and who I count among my best friends.”–Scheidler

“Some really unhappy Jewish people who possibly suspect that they missed the boat and are in the wrong church, don’t want to be reminded that the majority of the world has accepted the true Messiah and they didn’t and they still don’t want to acknowledge that they’re wrong. Christ came to his own and His own received him not and they still don’t receive him and it just eats at them.”–Joe Scheidler

Go donate to PP if you can.

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5 comments for “Help Planned Parenthood Help Women

  1. September 6, 2007 at 11:51 pm

    Are you sure you counted those women who need contraceptives right? When I did I got 1,558,724, but that was just before the Labor Day weekend when the need was possibly higher. Perhaps the disparity can also be explained by the fact that both of our figures are just completely made up.

    On the STD’s I think the stat relevant to whether the Planned Parenthood clinic is needed would be the disease rate for Aurora rather than all of Illinois. Might also be helpful to know how they decided Aurora needed more abortions, the “reproductive health service” that’s the primary focus of the protesters. Any stats on that?

    No links to the anti-choice bloggers who are supporting the protesters? Maybe you just left them out by mistake. Or maybe the problem is that those posts explain what some of the real issues are surrounding Planned Parenthood’s conduct in Aurora, issues which are also conspicuously ignored by the organization’s fundraising appeals. I really can’t fathom how an honest discussion of this matter can omit any mention of the city council meetings and investigations, and pretend this is somehow about protesters blocking construction. Don’t you want your readers to be able to make a “fully informed choice” about the controversy?

  2. Ledasmom
    September 7, 2007 at 12:30 pm

    On the STD’s I think the stat relevant to whether the Planned Parenthood clinic is needed would be the disease rate for Aurora rather than all of Illinois

    That would only be the relative number if, in fact, reproductive health services were freely available in Illinois generally. Otherwise an Aurora clinic would presumably draw women from elsewhere.
    If you’re really concerned, RA, that people aren’t getting a balanced picture from this post, why didn’t you mention which bloggers are supporting the protestors? Here, I’ll help you: I know Dawn Eden’s talked about it on her blog. There ya go.

  3. madeline
    September 7, 2007 at 1:53 pm

    Aurora is one of the largest cities in the state (2nd or 3rd, it’s disputed) and I think it’s pretty safe to say that if Illinois on the whole has a problem with STDs, Aurora probably does too. But that’s neither here nor there. The main point is that my dad is one of the wackos protesting in Aurora, so everyone please sign the petition and donate if you can.

  4. Sayna
    September 7, 2007 at 11:27 pm

    Scary stuff! Thank you for letting people know just how awful these creeps are! I had no idea who was organizing this. I just wish I could do more than sign a ribbon!

  5. Therese Z
    September 9, 2007 at 1:03 pm

    If they are so sure of their mission to Aurora and Northern Illinois, then shouldn’t they have filed their development plan under their proper name, instead of sneaking in under the name “Gemini Medical Clinic,” and saying their services were “unspecified?” One of the officers of this “clinic” signed her name as an officer of that corporation and then a year later, suddenly, there she was, an officer of Planned Parenthood? Not until a few months ago, with the building completed and the final permits ready for approval, did the real nature of this business emerge. (All pdf’ed evidence readily available in the blogosphere…)

    If Wal-Mart tried that crap, filing development plans under another store name, and then revealing themselves to be what some consider to be a detriment to their community, then outrage and lawsuits and protests would be the order of the day, and you wouldn’t even think to feature it.

    So, tell the whole story and see why the citizens demand their “choice” of whether they want that clinic in their neighborhood.

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