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If Ann declines, I’m sure Henry can find someone on Craig’s List who’s into his kink*

i can’t believe I’m about to defend Ann Coulter again, but: Really, why is it so hard to take an abhorrent female pundit to task without leveling threats of sexualized violence against her, and/or insulting her appearance? Henry’s boner for … Continue reading

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Happy Slut-o-Ween!

My costume: Sexy feminist witch.* I love Halloween. Love it. But I hate the conversations about it. I hate going to the store and having costume choices range from Sexy Nurse to Sexy Cop to Sexy Kitty. I hate the … Continue reading

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And we’re the shallow ones?

Samhita points to this lovely Craig’s List post detailing how women are shallow bitches because we like men for who they are, what they accomplish and how they interact socially, as opposed to how they look. To which I say: … Continue reading

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Random Junebug blogging

The “I can’t believe she doesn’t look like she’s expecting a beating” edition. Yes, that is the natural position of the ears. Aren’t they adorable? But there’s more:

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When is female genital mutilation just peachy?

When it’s done by an American mother to stop her daughter from having sex: NAPLES, Fla. (AP) — A woman who had her 13-year-old daughter’s genitalia pierced to make it uncomfortable for her to have sex was acquitted of aggravated … Continue reading

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Theocracy Now!

Max Blumenthal has a truly hilarious/terrifying video up on HuffPo today. It features GOP presidential hopefuls speaking to leaders and followers of the Religious Right — and while it’s not surprising, it’s still disgusting. Max describes some of the scenes: … Continue reading

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I think vajayjay is a nice word, don’t you?

The New York Times on the history of the vajayjay. It’s interesting that the term was thrown out on Grey’s Anatomy not only to be funny (although it was), but because “broadcast standards” folks didn’t like the repeated uses of … Continue reading

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A Party of Bed-Wetters

Republicans are running entire campaigns based on their fears of monsters in the closet. Consider, for a moment, the implications of the fact that Rudy Giuliani is taking foreign policy advice from Norman Podhoretz, who wants us to start bombing … Continue reading

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Reluctant Compliance

Since when are Catholic Bishops working in the ER? To the great dismay of Catholic bishops, Connecticut’s lawmakers have mandated that all of the state’s hospital emergency rooms, including Catholic-run hospitals, must make emergency contraception for pregnancy prevention available to … Continue reading

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Fewer Iraqi girls attending school

Remember how “women’s rights” were used to sell this war and the one in Afghanistan? Well, it looks like we’re hurting a whole lot more than we’re helping.

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Shocker of the day: Presidential campaign staffs are dominated by men

Who would have guessed? Mike Huckabee, Bill Richardson and Hillary Clinton run the most gender-balanced campaigns, while Rudy Giuliani runs the most male-dominated. Of course, Giuliani is staffing his campaign with right-wing nutjobs like Norman Podhoretz and Daniel Pipes, so … Continue reading

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Shorter Donald Trump: I poke it, I own it

Not only is Donald Trump calling Angelina Jolie “no great beauty,” but he’s claiming he’s an expert because he “owns” pageant queens: “I really understand beauty. And I will tell you, she’s not — I do own Miss Universe. I … Continue reading

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