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Dismembered body parts are a girl’s best friend

Which do you prefer? Dismembered body part earrings, or plastic boobie pendants?

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I am finally back in Hamburg, after 10 days in Tunisia. The vacation was fantastic, if a little… interesting. I went with my little sister, and we saw a lot of the country, were hosted by my sister’s lovely friend … Continue reading

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Time to go….

…..but I hope to be back sometime later with a post on how women can get into the trades. In the meantime, this has been a real interesting week! And zuzu? Best of luck in the job hunt. I still … Continue reading

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Movie break

Enjoy this scene from The Warriors. This is the big fight scene in what is ostensibly the Union Square station, but what is actually the Hoyt-Schermerhorn station in Brooklyn. Times have changed. I’m in both of those stations regularly, and … Continue reading

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Music break

Because I heard this song in a bar the other day, and because Cass Elliot was awesome. Also, Dickie Smothers? Kinda hot.

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Shameless Self-Promotion Sunday

Give us what you got.

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Mind The Gap

This shocking report from the Guardian about young child workers in India “have been found working in a textile factory in conditions close to slavery to produce clothes that appear destined for Gap Kids, one of the most successful arms … Continue reading

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Someone’s got a wee problem with women

Shorter Joel Stein: None of those slutty women at the Halloween party would go home with me. It always amuses me when people grouse about how Halloween is a wholesome kids’ holiday and the adults are ruining it, ruining it!. … Continue reading

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Guilty As Charged?

In the same vein as La Lubu, a comment is an inspiration for this post. In my previous post about Firestone, one comment stuck out to me the most. In response to the question (““Does pregnancy or sex comes first … Continue reading

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Trust, Mutuality and Co-creation Within Feminism: The Art of Building a Movement

In the post on Intersecting Identities and Feminist Identification, commenter Tiffany of Houston summed up what I view as the core problem with one salient sentence: “I can’t take feminism as a movement seriously because I have a lack of … Continue reading

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Since I have been laid off, this is my last day at my current job. I’m leaving on good terms, despite having a psycho bully as one boss; the other, a much nicer fellow, just took me out for a … Continue reading

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‘Pregancy is Barbaric’ and Other Firestonian One-Liners

For my feminism class, I have to do some research with a colleague on Canadian feminist Shulamith Firestone’s ”Dialectic of Sex” where she discusses the ”feminist revolution”. First written in 1970, Firestone discussed the barbaric nature of pregnancy, noting that … Continue reading

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