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Why I love my daughter’s dance class

Because they’re having an “informal performance day” next week instead of a recital. Because there’s no dress rehearsal. Because the performance costume is a pair of black pants and a black leotard for tap, and the same black leotard and … Continue reading

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He’s such a boy

Saw a new patient yesterday who apologized for bringing her three-year-old son to the appointment with her. He did pretty well; she brought a bunch of toys and a coloring book and a box of snacks, and she told him … Continue reading

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Some mildly good news

… so it turns out that U.S. employers are not going to be forced to fire millions of employees. The Department of Homeland Security is trying to crack down on anyone whose records don’t match up properly, which is like … Continue reading

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As long as we’re talking about medical costs…

…several commenters in the AMA thread mentioned drug costs, and Anna applauded one academic center’s banning of drug reps. Thanks for the segue, people!

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The default option

I just created a new chart on my electronic medical record. I typed in the patient’s name, her date of birth and her phone number, and then I chose from the dropdown menus for sex and marital status. The blanks … Continue reading

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The Best Thing About Europe?

When class is cancelled at the last minute, I can hop on a train to Prague for the end of the week, and then on to Munich for the weekend. Prague is gorgeous, although it’s freezing cold here. And, since … Continue reading

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Hot links! Getcher hot links!

Once again, no time to do a real post, so I’m giving you a few links.

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Thank the AMA

Live in the US? Uninsured? Underinsured? In the Medicare donut hole? Stuck in a job you hate because you need the benefits? Thank the AMA. Medicare was proposed in the 1930s when Social Security was enacted. You may have noticed … Continue reading

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Here I am

Jill suggested I write an introductory post and I’m generally an obedient sort, so… No, not a good idea to start out by misrepresenting myself.  I’m not usually obedient. I am, however, a bit nervous about stepping onto this so-much-wider … Continue reading

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What trans means to me

Well, it seems like we’re in need of another Trans 101 post. Feministe has had them before but still, every time a contentious post is made about trans issues (like Jill’s recent post) the same basic issues are brought up: … Continue reading

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A Thanksgiving Story

A week ago, it was the Transgender Day of Remembrance. A couple days later, of course, it was Thanksgiving. Two annual events that I often have rather mixed feelings about. Obviously I’m almost a week late in writing this post, … Continue reading

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Tuesday Travel Blogging – Berlin

I went to Berlin for the third time this past weekend, and at the risk of sounding like one of those Berlin snobs, I think I’m kind of in love. It’s a fantastic city: Lots of history, lots of energy, … Continue reading

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